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Game was released to early...

posted by vcuzzo23 (PITTSBURGH, PA) Sep 4, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

look the game is really fun. its the type of game you play and you get to the end and wonder why it went by so fast. when in reality the game is 18 to 20hrs long just the main quest... unfortunately the game has alot of problems with freezing and glitches. for instance i didnt get to finish the game, i am 20 minutes from the end and on the loading screen it freezes every time i try to play. so 18hrs of gameplay and all gone do to a glitch. im not the only one look it up on goolge youll find a bunch of ppl with the same problems and more.. great story and all but whats a story without its end.

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Don`t rent just yet!

posted by Shadowsniper125 (CLIFTON, NJ) Aug 29, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

The game is nice and pretty fluid in combat. There are many major game-breaking problems that would either require a reset of all of your progress or wait weeks for a patch. Climbing can take hours to reach a single, simple boss and the climbing is extremely awkward. Controls don`t work to well and you literally have to wait approximately 2-3 seconds before being able to jump in a certain direction. During combat, while locked on to an enemy, about 50% of the time Death (Your character) dodges all over and his erratic dodging will either kill you (On apocalyptic at least) or will severely damage you since he has the tendency of dodging towards your opponent. I am less than 30 minutes away from beating the game and I have just reached one of the many freezes. The autosave feature easily corrupts your game. For some people clearing the cache may fix it but for me I just have to wait for a patch which may take weeks. PC users don`t have to worry since they got a patch either yesterday or the day before. So all in all I think this game is okay at the most. With all of the problems, it is not worth buying.

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Very Good

More is better

posted by racoonsurvivor (HIGH RIDGE, MO) Aug 26, 2012

Member since May 2011

This game is pretty different from the first one in a lot of ways, its open world is very big, death is a much more nimble fighter than war was, enemies have levels and there are a lot of side bosses. That being said the game is still very much like darksiders 1, that is not a bad thing, a game making as many changes as this one did still keeping its roots for fans is a little impressive. Combat is not very evolved but functions well, and the camera can get a little weird at times (especially if there are any pillars in the room you are trying to fight in).
Some of the enemies feel a little un inspired, and never grow in level, so when you outgrow an area coming back has very little purpose. They do throw side quests at you to keep you coming back and their is a couple of high level side dungeons that are fun to test yourself in.
Death has 2 different talent trees that you can mix and match in that really let you play how ever you want to and since re specing is cheap you can try out any combination you want as often as you want to find what suits you. Graphically this game doesnt make that many changes, (probably because of the increase in size) and the voice acting for death is as good as war. (though Mark Hamill didnt come back)
All and all if you liked the first game this one is right up your ally and if you are not a fan this game probably didnt change enough for you to change your mind.

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