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Very Good

Huge increase from the first

posted by jacksonran (BEDFORD, IN) Dec 9, 2012

Member since Aug 2010

This was one of my pre-order games. This game title has grown dramatically from the first. I loved the first and loved this one too. The all around gameplay is Zelda in Demon form mixed with Prince of Persia. You need certain items or powers to reach different areas secerets. I recommend playing the first before this title.

Good: The storyline plays off the first a good deal. It also has its own story to deal with DEATH (main character) along with the whole Darksiders outline. So take my advice from above. I enjoyed the Zelda idea of blocking off the map until you are ready to progress and this game does the same. You have to solve puzzles and just to get through the level is half the fun due to how the "path" is set up.

Bad: The graphics arent the best but the game is enjoyable enough to overlook it. It doesnt affect the gameplay at all.

Ugly: ALL THE DANG COLLECTABLES! Its rediculous on how many things they expect you to find. Finding these are a choices however. I got all 1000/1000 on here but didnt enjoy finding all those items.

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GF Rating


An awesome death, but an epic fail

posted by pingNpong (MESA, AZ) Dec 2, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

It sucks that 80% of this game felt filler. The first couple hours your running pointless side missions; fortunately some of these side missions help you along your journey. Usually I am able to connect with a story within the first hour of playing. Still, even with a few hours invested, I cared nothing about what was happening. As the hours passed the game became a "I have to beat this now because i've come this far" kind of game.

DS2 went wrong, for me, in many ways. The new looting system was pointless. I didn't need the excess weaponary seeing as how I was fine switching between two weapons (but thats just me). You're continuously entering areas filled of unnecessarily tedious puzzles that you spend more time trying to figure out then fighting anything. I did, however, enjoy the upgrading system and being able to feed weapons to other weapons. Although I felt all weapons should have been able to have the same upgrade (but thats just me). The controls of the game were a bit tricky when fighting multiple enemies, what with holding the LB+ another button while trying not to get hit, while fighting, while moving the camera as well as trying to dodge; craziness. One redemption I will give this game is the infinite amount of combos I could trigger. I definitely enjoyed opening up a box of smackdown. lol

I didn't feel like there was much of any story going on besides running around finding out about these diiferent lands dragged under by "Corruption". From my understanding the events of this game take place during the events of the first, but I felt like this game had nothing to do with what was going on. This game was so far all over the place it definitely fell short of becoming the killer sequel it had the potential to be. If they would have spent more time on developing a better overlapping story and less time on extra unnecessary elements of an RPG I might have enjoyed this game more, but again that's just me.

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Maybe next time

posted by Bronxboy174 (BRONX, NY) Nov 26, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

The one I got didn't work maybe the next one will then I can put a good review

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