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GF Rating


Better than the First

posted by NxLocke (DALY CITY, CA) Jan 18, 2013

Member since Aug 2012

The storyline is definitely one of the major reason I love this game. Not only did it add to an already awesome story of the of the first game, it had an entirely different story on its own. So even if this is the first Darksiders game you have played, you won't feel like you have missed out much. By the end of the game, it'll make you want more. The only downside is that the game comes into an abrupt end without much of an explanation to what happens unless you played the first game. Let's not forget those quality voice acting either, these voice actors have done a terrific job in making the storyline even more fantastic.

The game feels a lot like other hack and slash games but with a much smoother combat system supplemented by a diverse of attacks and combos. Puzzles are quite interesting as they use different methods to make them challenging but not too difficult to figure out. The puzzles and dungeons are fun in its own rights. There are many other features that made this game standout from other games and definitely worth the time to explore.

The graphics and art style really reminds me of WoW but with a darker style. The scenery is one of the many things a player should stop and admire; it may not be the best compared to other high end games, but the scenery is nevertheless quite awesome.

Sound & Music:
Right when you start the game, the music really make you feel something epic is about to happen and that you are in the middle of it all. The different music in the different environment you are thrown into fits almost perfectly and the epicness it sound is undeniably beautiful. The music is overall wonderfully done.
Sound Effects cannot be forgotten either. Every bones you walk on, every debris you crush, every strike you hit all comes together nicely.

Definitely one of the best games I have played and worth replaying all over again! I think I'm addicted....

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GF Rating


This would be the time to use the word EPIC.

posted by rhythmguitarhv (SPRING BRANCH, TX) Jan 11, 2013

Member since Nov 2011

Generally don't like to keep playing a game that's a lot longer. But this one was good enough to finish. You really need to play all the way through to get the full packaged experience. Good all the way to the end. The chambers can get a little long and repetitive, but not enough to make me want to quit. It kind of makes me not want to play it again though. Could have streamlined it a bit more for replay value, but very good game none the less.

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GF Rating


Darksiders II = An adrenaline rush

posted by USMCKIDD (TUCSON, AZ) Jan 6, 2013

Member since Feb 2008

Darksiders II is an outstanding game. The combat is top notch, fast paced and satisfying. Death is easily twice as fast as his brother War. His two scythes are extremely deadly and incredibly powerful.
Death can be customized with such powerful gear it felt like Borderlands. There's a ton of treasure, weapons and armor death can equip to maximize his effectiveness in battle. Death can have two weapons equiped; his scythes and a secondary weapon.
Death's abilities are amazing. My favorite ability was to summon ghouls into combat. It's an effective offensive tactic, but if you're more of a defensive player, there's a skill tree for that too. Every time you level up there is a skill point at your disposal, and a ton of abilities waiting to be used. (This is definetely a big replay value game for that reason.)
The dungeons are three times larger than the first Darksiders. To me, this was great but also very time consuming. I've played the game for about 25 hours now, and found some incredible treasures and loot. Unfortunately, my total combat time has been like four hours. About 80% of the time you're running around in overenlarged dungeons, and fighting no more than 2-4 enemies at a time. It's a real bummer that you'll be in a dungeon for two hours, and fight no more than 10-25 enemies.
The environment is rich with color and detail. I found myself in awe when I first played the game. From every mountain top, you'll be blown away by the magnificent landscape. Even main characters you encounter are full of color and superb texture.
The sound is one of a kind. The voice acting is pretty well done. But Death steals the show. He's got an incredible voice like his brother War, full of authority and power.
Besides the time consuming dungeons, I've had a blast. The combat is fun and tremendously fast. Mix a bit of your abilities into the action and be prepared to do some serious ___ kicking!

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