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Big & Beautiful

posted by Slickery (CINCINNATI, OH) Jan 30, 2013

Member since Jul 2010

First off, not even taking into account gameplay, this game is absolutely amazing to look at. Everything feels BIG and EPIC, and all the artwork goes into supporting that feeling. It's also got great combat (and weapons) and some of the best dungeons you're going to find anywhere. You don't just plow your way mindlessly through boring layouts. Instead you have to figure things out and use abilities to progress and find collectibles. And, oh yeah, the dungeons look fantastic, as does everything else. There's enough of an rpg element to make character advancement interesting but not terribly complicated. Tons of different moves you can do, if you want, but you don't really have to. Great game!

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GF Rating

Above Average

God Darksiders 2 review

posted by Irongiant72 (PORTLAND, OR) Jan 28, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

OK, first things first. My thoughts and best wishes go out to Vigil and all those affected by the THQ Bankruptcy. Very surprised that no one stepped in to pick them up. On to the game itself. I played the original DS and mildly enjoyed it. The plot itself is a little convoluted without much direction or getting you invested in the role of one of the Horseman. DS2 unfortunately suffers the same problem the first one had. It's saving grace is the beautiful art direction and gameplay puzzles. I've never really enjoyed puzzles but the ones presented in this game are interwoven beautifully within the world. I'm really digging how interactive and enveloping these world puzzles are becoming in games. The combat was stellar but here's where my main gripe of the game comes in. The combat feels exactly like God of War. This is not a bad thing but it was so similar both myself and my wife (who doesn't play RPG's but loves watching) say it's a GOW rip off. Huge open dungeons and multiple paths to complete. Unfortunately came across a game ending bug that made a Death's Statue Lantern disappear from a level and not re-spawn thus halting all forward progress about 12 hours into the campaign. Very glad I rented this instead of paying the full $60 for it. R.I.P Vigil and THQ.

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i hate gamefly

posted by rc135 (MANTUA, NJ) Jan 28, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

u take over a week to send games not 2-4 days false advertisment whats the point in lieing about when games are comming your gonna loose all your bussiness to something called redbox

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