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Very Good

Good but can drag on for awhile

posted by SoulGamer (STAFFORD, TX) Feb 16, 2013

Member since Jan 2010

This game feels like god of war with rpg elements to it. This is great but the huge problem was the non depth of the combat system. There wasn't a lot of moves you can do and also not many weapon choices that does different attacks. The graphic is beautiful and the platforming is fun. I just wish the combat had more depth. The game also drags on alot by making she look for 3 pieces of this and that. Overall, fun game.

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GF Rating


Locked up twice after 20+20 hours of gameplay

posted by fredthebeagle (LANSING, MI) Feb 12, 2013

Member since Aug 2011

In effect, it didn't lock-up, persay. But after the first 20 hours of gameplay, a golem needed to advance in a game advancing quest dungeon became unoperational, thus making it impossible to progress any further. In the interest of giving a game a second chance, I restarted, and lo and behold, it happened again after the 2nd 20 hours of playing. No way to reset it, no way to reload a save where it wasn't stuck. I was just screwed.

Also, the movement was screwy, always looking as if you were running sideways. And while the combat was actually pretty fun, it was mostly stupid puzzles that took forever to figure out, and barely any combat.

If I hadn't gotten jammed up twice while playing, I think I probably would have given the game a 7.

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GF Rating


Lovin it! (READ)

posted by GameBulldog (CUPERTINO, CA) Feb 8, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

So for people who have played the first Darksiders, the combat style is very similar in this one. So you will get use to the controls fast and for the people who hated the level, "The black throne" in darksiders.... Not to worry! This one has puzzles but it's not as bad that one. Things have gotten a bit simpler but still challenging. Death is a lot more different then War. He's more agile then War, so you'll be climbing walls and sliding everywhere like mega-man. (It's easy though)


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