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Very Good

Artistic and Unique

posted by Germaximus (GLENDALE, CA) May 17, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

I can't think of another shooter that has the same kind of style to it, it's possible they're just slipping my mind.

I recently completed this game simply because i had played part 2 first not long after it was released and really love it.
This one isn't half as good as 2 but i wanted to see how it all started.

The gameplay is lots of fun. Unlike your typical shooters the melee fatalities are gruesome and super cool where Jackie grabs the enemy and shows his gun down their throat and proceeds to unload bullets. There are a couple different fatality melee moves.
Of course the Darkness powers are also awesome. Summoning a portal that sucks your enemies into it and then blows them up is awesome. You also get some super powerful demonic Darkness powered guns that kickass, you dual wield them and each has its own form of bullet/attack.

The story is really cool and different but not deep. There are a lot of side missions that i had skipped over since it was a rental.

It's a pretty cool game. The graphics are obviously old at this point but it still had some really cool scenes ideally.
I think it's worth checking out if you enjoy 2 and haven't played it.

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GF Rating


Too calm for having demon snakes on you

posted by wivikesfan (OMRO, WI) Sep 12, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

Perhaps I'm missing something, but one second this guy is a petty mob errand boy, and the next second he has the power of these evil demonic snakes and there was no real transition or explanation of what happened.

Aside from that, the controls were pretty clunky and they don't make it very clear what needs to be done. The map system is also quite awful.

I hear the sequel is worth playing, but this one was not

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oooh no

posted by irod (CONVERSE, TX) Oct 15, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

i played the demo, literally in less than 5 seconds of game-play i turned that mofo off.

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