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posted by LordVortex888 (OVERLAND PARK, KS) Jul 29, 2014

Member since Jan 2013

The game is great just as good as the title says a bit cartoonish almost comic like (its cool that way) but all and all it's an awsome game!!!

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Fitting Follow Up Darkneess II Carries On!

posted by MrNutJob (VENICE, CA) Jul 26, 2013

Member since May 2013

Darkness II the Sequel to the first game is hard to stop playing. The story about Jenny, Jackie Estacado's dead 19 year old girlfriend is fanciful at best. A 35 year old man still pining about his dead high school sweetheart is odd indeed. Lately (dead space, etc) there have been these 'lost girls and women' appearing as Ghosts or Phantoms with sweet endearments of love and treacle. Estacado is 35 you'd think he'd be dating by now! The picture of Jenny in his bedroom is really rather odd since he didn't marry her or anything... boy! Is this guy n u t s or what?

The true story of Darkness II isn't Jenny, of course but of Victor a sort of Burnt Marty Feldmen like character. He's not all that sane or attractive but he really has a thing for The Darkness and wants all of it for himself... he attempts to 'drain' Jackie of his birthright and that is generally how the game proceeds...

The two Snake like creatures are not as powerful as they were in the first game. I liked the 'power ups' with the essence but in the end you're not able to complete them all... I wonder why not, why can't we get all of the Powerups well before the game ends? I suppose it can be done, but I don't have time to spend figuring it out. I started the game at the hardest level Don and then put it to the easiest by the time I took down Bragg.

The darkling sidekick (yattering jack) is cool and helpful, but I wish he could be more involved in killing enemies. He could say more than just "Why are we waiting around"... probably because i need to find ammo, etc.

All in all though The Darkness is a series that I'll look forward to in future.

It's really a lot of fun.

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Very Good

continuing and expanding this series.

posted by Memphisking009 (BILOXI, MS) Jun 1, 2013

Member since May 2013

Let me start off by saying, I loved the first game. Never have read the comics, but I enjoyed how gruesome and, well, dark it was. Plus, one of my favorite singers Mike Patton (Faith No More) was the voice of the darkness itself. The second brings him back, and all of the other voice actors to my knowledge.
It should be noted that the second one was developed by a different studio so there will be some changes in this one.
First off: The Graphics. They went for a more comic book looking graphic visual. Not the BEST looking graphics, but I think it was the right move.
Next, The gun fighting. This was the most improved area in my opinion. It is a LOT smoother than the first one regarding the combination of guns and the darkness powers.
The upgrade wheel they added is pretty cool. It doesn't over do it in the sense that you are still powerful in the beginning, but adds some cool things a long the way.
Without giving too much away, The story itself was supurb. The only knock people have with it is that it is very short, I believe about 6 hours? Which if people recall the first game, it lasted about 9. But, When I was personally playing it It felt a lot longer then that because of how much the story grabs you.
I think this is a MUST for fans of the first game and the comics. Though, It is for sure a rental. It isn't that difficult of a game, so if you are in the mood just to be a killing machine get this game. I wouldn't recommend wasting much time with the vendetta part of the game. Wasted space they could of used to expand the single player. Very bland game type.
As I said before, for those who enjoy captivating stories, you will enjoy this.

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