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GF Rating


Better as a movie.

posted by JackOMat (MECHANICSBURG, PA) Nov 2, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

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Judging by the way the game is put together, they spent more time on concept than building a fully functional game. They had a lot of good ideas, including upgradable weapons, futuristic weapons, and being able to support hundreds of NPC's on screen at any given moment. Unfortunately, you can only get half the upgrades before the game ends, you only get the really devastating futuristic weapons once or twice, and the lag is irritating.

Granted, the developers aren't one of the biggest companies, so budget wasn't endless, but the least they could have done is put it through a debug phase. There is an entire level where the dialog is glitched, you can see through rocks in certain areas, and once in awhile, your gun won't stop firing.

The story is good. It's put together well for being a game about time travel. At first I was wondering why they chose Alexander Morris, but when I heard he was an MIA and that choosing him wouldn't disrupt the time stream, I thought it was a great idea. Next, the thought that not everyone dies in a war was brilliant. They introduce Blue Aura enemies, who are people you are not supposed to kill. The dialog, when it's not glitching is great, especially from Dexter, and the blending of the missions is fantastic. One mission, you plant explosives on a bridge, later on you watch the explosion. You always have enough ammo, and a good choice of period weapons.

Overall, the game is worth a rent. You'll spend about a day playing through the story, even if you're playing on the hardest difficulty. If you want to get all thirteen achievements, you'll have to play through twice, just try not to shoot the blue aura enemies, and you'll be fine.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Great idea but seem to have rust on it

posted by redeem34 (MAULDIN, SC) Sep 15, 2009

Member since Dec 2007

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

OK I'm never one to go by Critic Reviews so I rented this game. Is fun, good story with small holes in it, as far as eye candy I really do feel like this is a low grade in the game almost like im playing an PS2 game from the 2001 and there a few parts where there just Frame rate lag and some of the shoots I made didn't match up or I got kills I shouldn't had made.

Now beside the flaws I ran into. Ive heard of others issues BUT I myself haven't ran into it some of them being like falling outta the map. umm my roommate said at during a part of the game he couldn't see his gun but could shoot it.

But if you can get pass that I say sure give it a try, with the game out now there not much to play. till games like Halo ODST or MW2 or a big name title comes out.

Now Ive been playing video games back when the NES was the big thing so I have about 17 years of game playing. Ive seen the good games come and the bad one go.

Now the rate are WHAT I FEEL not what other may think

Overall 6.5- There just thing that will keep this game down

Sound 7.8- As far as FPS games go I think it one of the best soundtracks Ive played in a while

Story 5.6- Would be a 10 if there wasn't so many holes

Visuals 4.2- This just by today isn't updated and a down point not just by how it look but the frame rate lag

RE-play 3.4: Not much I mean if you really want in the 1st play thought of the game you can have all the Achievements umm like any FPS you can go back but your not missing much

last notes: with all that said I hope for a darkest days 2 but if they make it learn what they did wrong with the 1st

hope this help, I know my grammar is far from great

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GF Rating

Above Average

Not great, but a fun single-player experience.

posted by peanutt (LANSING, NC) Sep 29, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

6 out of 7 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

There are many things to like from Darkest of Days, but it has many problems as well. First off, the voice acting for a few characters are great, but most other characters have terrible voice acting. Next, is the constant glitches I experienced throughout the game, it sometimes seems like 8monkey labs did'nt properly test thier game before they shipped it. Lastly, is the terrible FPS slowdown when there are many NPCs on the screen at once, 8monkey labs is using a new game engine which allows up to 300 NPCs to be on the screen, but it does'nt seem to be working out to great. There are many other small problems with the game that I did'nt like, like lack of multiplayer, and also the story can get confusing at times. Darkest of Days has around 8-10 hours of gameplay, but the lack of any multiplayer game modes says to me that this game is'nt worth a buy in any way, but its still a good rent.

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