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This game, yeah.

posted by dasilodavi (WATERTOWN, MA) May 30, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

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If you're reading this review you've probably already heard some things about this game. From what I understand, yes, it IS a huge marketing maneuver by Skittles(tm). And yes, the voice acting and jokes are pretty good. And yes, the gameplay is lousy.

You play as Skye, a farm girl who is the daughter of a freedom fighter long since disappeared to fight the evil Necroth, a dark denizen of the multiverse bent on acquiring the 5 prisms and using their united power to WHO THE HECK WRITES THIS NONSENSICAL NONSENSE!?!?

Let's be straight for a moment: all this game is is jumping puzzles, weak fighting, and deaths galore. Oh, and dying sends you to the beginning of a chapter section. The witty banter and self-referential jokes are okay, but they tire quickly. Graphics are okay, music is kind of nice, but this game is obviously tossed together as cheaply as possible. Oh, and it's long as it is tedious.

If you can deal with weak gameplay, don't mind saving every 10 seconds, and are desperate for a game about skittles and making fun of itself, go ahead and try this out, it's worth a quick rental. Just be aware that you may want to smash something after slipping into a pond and dying for the hundredth time.

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Really Bad

This is NOT a RPG!

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) Jul 16, 2013

Member since May 2010

This game is not a RPG! It is an Action Adventure Platformer! which means that there is almost nothing here that involves RPG's beyond collecting things and that is it....
I can forgive the silliness of this game if it were good, but sadly, it isn't... Worst thing about this game is the check point system which restarts you at the BEGINNING of the level! What? Not so bad? Each of these level makes up about a good 10-20% of the game and this game is HUGE(not quite oblivion sized though, but Oblivion had the decency to be an actual RPG)! This game is also quite LINEAR in form.. Which means no replay value...
Product placement games have been done well in the past, and they have ranged from the silliness of Chex-quest, to the Coca-Cola cans in Parasite Eve 2.. Grand Turismo series also has product placement, and it doesn't stink it high heaven..
If this game just gave us some customization options, and some alternative means to develop the main character maybe it would be different, but as it stands this is a sorry effort, or at least it could be honest about how this game categorizes itself!
This game is a lack luster effort at best, and a sad one at least... What it lacks is quality, which can be addressed if the developers would play their own games first... People have ridiculed Chex Quest, but it is a better game by a long shot when compared to this game!
Try Before You Buy!

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posted by ben10lover (SAINT PAUL, MN) Jul 1, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

This game blows! I only made it to level 1. Then your like stuck in the village being hunted down by a monster that you can't even kill or jump up to. So I wouldn't recommend this game!

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