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Buggy, unoriginal, boring.

posted by cam959 (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Jul 28, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

25 out of 39 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

I love this genre, so keep making this kind of game - but please either make them entirely "open" with only minor subplot interjections, or linear (this game has a linear main plot) with a compelling plot!

It's entirely a 3D space shooter, but the combat is boring!

I didn't realize this is a port of a 2006 PC game when I rented it. You'd think someone would have fixed some of the bugs by now. Or even the typos! It puts the word YOUR'E on your screen almost 100 times.

I've played more games of this genre to even count, so please stop calling this game original - though it is rare to find a starship captain game in the Xbox world. I'm glad it brings back a genre that I've missed for a decade. I just wish they would bring back the depth of those games, because the plot is poor and very predictable. It's hard to remember why they you're fighting another wave of pirates or rebels or bounty hunters that all look and sound the same. It gets very repetitive as there are only about 6 different side missions that repeat over and over.

I had to reload from my last save about every two hours because of a one bug or another - like when an important object would just disappear, or the game wouldn't recognize when I had completed a mission, or when I'd land on a space station to repair and come back and my ally had vanished, leaving me behind and the game stuck.

The combat feels like a 1990s Star Wars game. Not saying it's bad, but it's far from being good. Same-as-always weapons. Oh but some bad guys cloak, or fly sideways!

But if you made it this far and are still in, just please mute your TV since the voice acting is worse than Just Cause II (absolutely awful in every possible way - except this game might not be as racist because it was about fictional races), and you'll wish your co-pilot would die the entire time because she's nagging and only repeats what you already know.

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Above Average

something different for xbox at least

posted by jobel12 (STONEHAM, MA) Sep 3, 2010

Member since May 2010

3 out of 5 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

not a bad game...definitely worth a rental.

I was a huge fan of wing commander privateer and this game doesn't even come close to that, but you can see how it sort of tires...

the entire game feels kinda cheap and flimsy... the graphics are so-so (think Starfox on N64) and the sound is blah... the on-going missions need more variation and interface lacks that "polished look/feel". The visuals of "flying through space" is kinda bad.. you see stars going by, but then it looks as there's a static image in the background, so you barely feel like you are moving... not a good design.

one really bad thing, and maybe its because this is a port.. the game's font is so small and hard to read... I have a 50 inch plasma and had trouble reading the text... I'm sorry but that's just bad attention to detail.

the storyline is not very interesting though it could be the horrible cut scenes not sure... I gave it a chance at first, but then just ignored it.

the gameplay and style of game is the only thing that saves this game (basically everything that makes it like wing commander)... its not quite an open world, but it almost feels like. You can battle pirates, get bounter hunter mission from the trade stations, and not to mention you can trade to get money as well which is a cumbersome system, but its still cool.

This game has serious potential... but the developers just seemed fall flat. A game like this really needs AWESOME sound effects, a great interface (responsive and fun controls) and a great game engine.

But I will say this..the gameplay is a nice change of pace from the typical xbox title. Not sure why they don't make games in this genre more...

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Gene Roddenberry?

posted by janus41 (PATERSON, NJ) Aug 4, 2010

Member since Feb 2009

5 out of 9 gamers (56%) found this review helpful

Its about time somebody decided to do a space dogfighting game. the story was ok, but at times it was a bit lame. the game was definitely a combination of star trek/deep space nine. the fact that there was a quote from a certain species pretty much gave it away. the way the aircraft evolved was fair. the wings look like, well u know, as they are upgraded towards the end. I was upset that i was unable to max out the entire ship, as there werent enough crystals. overall, it was a pretty good game but i dont see a second edition on the way

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