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DarkStar One: Broken Alliance


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Very Good

It's Complicated

posted by CaptainX79 (SCHENECTADY, NY) Jul 25, 2010

Member since Feb 2007

85 out of 88 gamers (97%) found this review helpful

To say the least DarkStar is by no means an easy to categorize game. It's nothing like what I was expecting it to be, I think what I was hoping for was something more like mass effect, what I got was something unlike anything I have ever played before. This being said The game is by no means bad, it just took me some time to understand.

Darkstar you could say is a simulation game, you take the helm of the ship darkstar one and fly around space jumping from cluster to cluster taking on missions that range from killing pirates for bounty to delivering goods to other star systems. This is just part of it though you must find artifacts that will level your ship up, buy upgrades to your guns and engine and at some point try to solve your fathers murder.

I could go on but the point i'm trying to make is this game is Quite complex, at the beginning alot is thrown at you all at once and it took me some time to understand how everything works because you have to juggle many things not mention you have full control of your ship and just about everything else.

-addictive once you learn the in's and out's
-it's fun to out maneuver pirate ships and destroy whole gangs
-a new experience on the 360 nothing like it

-dated graphics
-laughable voice overs
-repetitive NPS's
-complicated game play (at first)

Overall worth a play if not just to try it out, not for everyone but if you give a chance it might grow on you.

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so much could go so wrong

posted by stockbond (THOMASVILLE, GA) Oct 2, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I had this game for the pc, had a rockin joystick, and enjoyed the tar out of it. was thinking that with a little graphic improvement and time the game would be just as excellent for the xbox and of course i was wrong. guess i should of listened to the other reviews but a guy can have dreams.
now the movies are a tad off along with horrible voices that hasn't changed..... unfortunetly the problem is all in the xbox controller there's no customization ability at all and for anyone that has ever used an actual joystick thumb sticks just don't compare.
I gave it a 5 for the game it use to be and if you can get the version for the pc and have a joystick it's a must.
pc version = 10
xbox version=0

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Dark Star One

posted by lgwyant (TEMECULA, CA) Jul 24, 2010

Member since Jul 2008

16 out of 23 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

So far most of the game plays quite similar to Freelancer (pc game), which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's quite enjoyable and would have been a huge hit with a bit more polish, and better voice acting. So far the story-line is pretty rank and file of these type of adventure games.

Definitely worth a rent, if you like this type of game, as it's almost nonexistent on the 360. I'll come back and do a further review once i've played through it a few times.

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