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I read all the reviews, and thought I was prepared

posted by KrimsonKoukatsu (GILBERT, AZ) Dec 10, 2013

Member since Jun 2011

I had hope for this game when I first heard about it. Then I read all the scathing and disappointed reviews about it. I thought I was ready for anything, after how badly the picture was painted by other people who played it... and I was dead wrong. The idea is great, and I hope it's attempted and better executed in the future, but this game is trash. Graphically, it would've looked good if it was published in 2005. EVERY conversation, the mouth and the speech aren't tied together, it's like watching the old GOJIRA movie. It doesn't fit entirely in the screen, and has no option to alter the HUD size to make it fit. The controls are pretty smooth, if a bit stupid. They did two things well. Firstly, the animations for the powers (the ones available in the tutorial at least) look pretty great, and secondly, they have a Mass Effect style conversation wheel. I made it through the tutorial, but I will not waste another second of my life on it.

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Really Bad

Slow and Boring

posted by chuckwest1 (KENNESAW, GA) Nov 25, 2013

Member since May 2011

This game had promise until you started to play and realize that you spend more time hiding and not actually doing anything.

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This Is Not the Stealth RPG You Are Looking For

posted by kwdblade (NAPERVILLE, IL) Aug 12, 2013

Member since Nov 2010

"I gathered the last of my strength, clinging to the recover from an epic hangover, I must make my way to the bathroom..."

This was the narrative in my head for the first scene of the game. The dialog was already hilariously bad, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. I couldn't play more than an hour though...and here's why.

I was somewhat excited for this game. A stealth-action game with RPG elements, and you play a vampire? Sounds pretty cool! Except its not. Its bad. Really bad. All of the elements are there: there is sneaking, cover, stealth kills, an xp system, powers, conversation options...but they are all implemented so terribly. There is literally one button to You hold down A to drink blood, or press A to kill. Every enemy in the first part of the game I played died in one hit, regardless of if it was a stealth kill or not. There is also this annoying thing it does where it finishes your movement for you...I stopped right before enemies several times, and it just kept me moving, or turned and faced me a different direction. And more than once it made me reveal myself to the enemy. Super annoying!

The cover system is very basic, and works about half of the time. This is 2013 people...we know what a good cover system looks like. Combined that with lousy dialog, boring voice actors, dull graphics and uninspired powers, I can't imagine giving this game another shot. Thankfully I got it from the library for free.

What is it with these lazy games? Do game developers feel pride in lazy attempts like this? I was hoping for a Thief meets Hitman with a little Vampire the Masquerade. Instead I got...well...this. I knew I was in trouble when I saw Calypso's name in the logo screen, and I knew it further when about five other game companies appeared next on screen. If you need that many companies to sell this drivel, maybe its not worth the effort.

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