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Worst stealth game I've ever played

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Jul 25, 2013

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Dark is a low budget stealth vampire game that I decided to rent bc I'm a fan of stealth genre. Those stealth elements fell flat and beyond, which is why I give the lowest rating.

You play as a guy who was bitten by a vampire and now you must hunt this vampire who bit you or you will turn into a ghoul. Story is bad, graphics were on the Borderlands cartoony side which was fine, but the gameplay and stealth mechanics were so bad the game is borderline unplayable for me.

The entire premise of the game is stealth. Everything revolves around you crouching to reduce noise, monitor enemy movements and patterns, seeing through walls to see enemies, and so forth. You also have an ability to quickly teleport like X-Men's Nightcrawler. But Dark's mechanics of stealth, consistency, and enemy sightlines are so poor that you are always being spotted. Maps are peppered with enemies making it extremely difficult to get past them, even if you're careful.

Once you set off an alarm and guys all over start shooting at you, you're as good as dead. Since you have really no combat moves or guns, you're back to the last checkpoint. Checkpoints are also few and far between and often put you back so far that you'll spend another 15 deaths getting back to where you were. Replaying areas 25x because of bad design is very frustrating.

You can hide in shadows and use cover, but that barely even works. And your little teleport move is like 3% of effective as Dishonored's teleport that it adds to the frustration. You can upgrade and acquire some special abilities, but my patience grew old with the unresponsive gameplay that I didn't unlock half of them yet. I wanted to stick with the game, but the frustration of dying simply because of bad AI is just not worth the high blood pressure.

Stay away from Dark unless you want to turn into a vampire or want easy achievement points. I sense emo kids lining up to rent Dark as we speak.

Milt Drucker

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Waste Of Time

posted by SoulStain (RESEDA, CA) Jul 11, 2013

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Terrible everything. Why even put this out?

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Really Bad

Awful....just awful

posted by jjenkins1 (SAINT LOUIS, MO) Aug 6, 2013

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After reading what I saw as a potentially interesting game description, I decided to give "Dark" a chance. Bad move. The voice acting was so terrible I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the actors were untrained and pulled right off the street to record the dialogue in a single take. The "combat" was atrocious, and the stealth can only be described as a poorly composed parody of other stealth based games. After just under 2 hours of torturing myself with this garbage, I repackaged it and dropped it right back in the mail. Please save yourself the trouble.

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