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Edisons Medicine (Tesla)

posted by Billy1234744 (SAMSON, AL) Dec 28, 2013

Member since Feb 2012

Hello, I would have gave this game two or three more points if the flying had been far less or not at all. I am no good at the driving cars in these games and far less good at flying anything. I loved the shooter parts on foot and the climbing parts were fun. I gave up at on it at the point were the rocket ship had been freed and you had to defeat multiple Archons, sometimes they make this boss battles as they are called I guess too hard, I like the game to progress along, thats the problem I am having with the one I srated after this one Prince of Persia (Triology) every time I turn around I am stuck. like always Thanks Game-Fly and See-Ya! Billy in Samson

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Above Average

Pretty OK

posted by Iceyu2 (MILWAUKEE, WI) Aug 30, 2012

Member since Jan 2011

It's glitchy, let me start off by saying that. Sometimes you die without doing anything, other times you keep smashing the A button trying to stop flying.

The storyline is somewhat confusing, but not really. It's set around WWII and you're trying to stop the fascists. You're on a plane, you crash, your story begins. The voice acting was OK, Nolan North is still playing his ever famous smartmouth which can get tiring in any game he VO's in, but I digress.

Combat was laughable and often times infuriating, the graphics were good at the time this game came out. Some of the characters are likeable.

It's a short game but VERRRYYYY long if you're farming for achievements because, like I said, it's glitchy up the ol' pooper. Don't even think about getting the DLC, just don't. You'll go bald from tearing your hair out.

The cool thing about it though was the fighting on ledges part or stealing someone's ride.

Rent it, don't buy it unless you rented it and liked it.

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GF Rating


Challenging, fun...and annoying.

posted by bdw062590 (TAVARES, FL) Jul 16, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

Amazing concept for a game in 2010, a lot of things were going on that year with GoW, CoD, Halo. This title has a lot of fun gameplay but a lot of fault hidden within.

Pros: Fun storyline, easy to pickup & get engaged, the flying & vertical combat is nice & different, easy achievements.

Cons: The flying system is very challenging to control & annoying, enemies even on the hardest difficulty are easy to kill, gameplay often repeats itself and offers nothing more than a run & gun through some levels.

If you're looking for a game to kill a day or two on, and want something different than GoW, MW or Halo, try this title out.

The least you'll do is pickup an easy ~600 points from one playthrough.

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