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Score: 7.5/10

posted by Valkyrie23 (SPRINGFIELD, OH) Jan 25, 2010

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This game is a lot of fun IF you know what to expect. I'm so tired of seeing new releases compared to Gears / Halo / MW2 / Uncharted. "Oh, it doesn't follow this formula, let's give it a 2!" Well, not every game is going to be life-changing.

Yes, there are a limited amount of weapons, and yes the controls do feel a bit. . .slippery. But you can easily adjust the sensitivity sliders to compensate, and just have fun with this one. The graphics do lack that "next-gen" polish, but it's fairly engaging overall from start to finish. Also, it's the same voice actor, reportedly cast for Dark Void prior to the Uncharted series. His voice talent breathes life into his character, and the in-game banter may even make you laugh out loud at points.

Bottom line: Stop comparing every game to the "Big 4". Be thankful that there are companies out there giving IP's a chance. At least Dark Void is trying something new, though still is being beat up for it in the process. Should it have spent a little more time in the oven? Of course. But aren't most games these days guilty of the same? If a sequel is released, I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Worth a rental at least. Decide for yourself. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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Above Average

Decent game

posted by Mebig0 (CASTLE ROCK, CO) Jan 21, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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Over all not to bad. The shooting was fun and flying with the jet pack was just as fun. Not the longest game I was able to beat it on normal in about 5 hours with a little bit of a challenge, nothing to hard though. Story was also decent little predictable at parts but still not terrible. Over all unless you got nothing going on and want a good way to kill a day this would be the perfect for just that.

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GF Rating


Looks like the Rocketeer is back

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Dec 10, 2010

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This game reminds me of the old school movie, the Rocketeer. But don't be totally fooled by the jet-pack. Dark Void is a 3rd person shooter (3PS) all the way. The ability to use the jet-pack is what sets it apart from all the other 3PS games out there, even though for me it was more of a nuisance than a competitive advantage.

Overall, the campaign is pretty short. I think most people would agree there. I'd say it's almost split 50/50 with how much time you'll play ON LAND versus IN AIR. There's different controls for both land and air combat, but using the jet-pack was very frustrating at times. I couldn't control the dumb thing for the life of me more than 3/4 of the way through. If this game was a bit more polished, they would've tightened the air maneuvering.

It starts off with you crashing your plane into this remote jungle while passing through the Bermuda Triangle (real original stuff there). It takes place in the future somewhere, since robots inhabit this place, and are your enemies. They look like skinny bots from the movie I, Robot. They're annoying, very narrow, and hard to hit. ALSO, I'm so sick again of having to play with a female sidekick. Who started this ridiculous trend and when can I punch him/her in the face? Why do developers think we always need a sidekick of the opposite gender? I found her annoying to say the least.

Nothing is going to amaze you in the graphics, sound, and music departments. I'd rate all 3 as a 7 out of 10. Some times good music kicked in, but the guns lacked beefy sound or horsepower. I mean, if you really love 3PS games, I'd say it's worth a rent. You can beat the game fairly easily, it's a decent change of pace from routine games, and the achievements are a piece of cake.

Milt Drucker - gamertag

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