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GF Rating

Very Good

The start of the Void, is black, but then, light!

posted by gamer301 (CLAYTON, NY) Jan 23, 2010

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Okay, so I've been anticipating this game since last summer. The trailer wowed me with its amazing graphics and action. Well, finally got the game, and felt cheated. The character animations were sub-par, so the graphics you saw in the trailer, were fake. The game's graphics are not even close to being that good. The game starts with you in a jet pack, and its a blast, a little diff cult, but very fun. But then, you change to the main character, Will. Who is voiced by Nolan North, the voice of Nathan Drake from Uncharted 1 and 2. He sounds exactly like Drake, and acts like him to. Not the best choice on the developers part. The game without a jet pack, is rather dull and unexciting. That soon changes drastically. As you'll see in the Pros and Cons, the game has its flaws, but is still rather fun.

Pros: Nice environment graphics, decent main characters, sick looking enemies and guns, flying is the best. Voice actors are good, cool deaths, the jet pack makes this game amazing. It is the highlight of the game and never gets old. Nice control setup.

Cons: Story isn't explained very well, character graphics are sub-par, Will looks to much like Nathan Drake, enemies are brain-dead, melee attacks are to powerful, and ground combat isn't that fun without jet pack.

This game is very fun, don't get me wrong, but it defiantly ha sits flaws, quite a few actually, especially for a game that's been in production so long. So go ahead, try the game, but rent it before you buy. Flying and hovering with the jet pack is super awesome, defiantly a fresh taste on the flying genre. Just rent first, some may not like it. I know I do, but I'm not gonna spend $60 bucks on iy, wait for it to be cheap and buy it used.

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GF Rating


unfairly low reviews, but art direction did fail

posted by ritzenhauf (WOODLAND HILLS, CA) Mar 13, 2010

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the vertical battles are worth experiencing, and the flight is a lot of fun--reminded me of what i've always thought Iron Man's flight should be like.

the game is mis-named though, (it's lighthearted in feel, and more about a secret world than any void), and confusing. it looks like a futuristic high tech experience, but when you get in you realize it was fundamentally envisioned as a retro pulp adventure. neither side of that dichotomy is well developed, (although the alien tech is somewhat interesting and colorful); and, they aren't woven together successfully.

pulp-wise, it delivered a limited range of locales that could have been more exotic. it was easy to get tired of the flight arenas: dramatic sky above, death mist below, and a confusing array of undistinguished rock columns. brown, brown, brown. i died a lot with no idea why. the minigame used to take over enemy aircraft was downright tedious.

i loved the ground battles, however. freedom to fly, move around the entire battlefield, lots of variety. snipe from high ground, carpet bomb while in flight, or take cover in the intricate caverns--wild! the AI was convincing on both sides. good stuff.

the game froze about four times during my play--the kind where the audio screams at you until you reboot. be aware.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Not Bad, but a rather dissapointing game

posted by Tsukune (TULSA, OK) Jan 21, 2010

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Dark Void isn't a bad game, however it really isn't all that good either. The overall presentation is poor with the story barely explained and the setting just feels odd with characters like Telsa who really don't feel like they belong. The graphics are respectable at best. Environments and most of the textures are pretty nice, but the character models in motion look odd sometimes, especially during cutscenes where they sometimes vibrate uncontrollably. Gameplay is where the game shines and it is enjoyable. Flying is almost perfect and is a lot of fun switching to hover and flying and shooting baddies all at the same time. The ground-based third person action is pretty well done and the cover mechanic is responsive. The replay value is poor. Once you beat the main story, collect all the journals, and get all trophies you will have nothing left to do in this game. Dark Void, again, isn't bad, but personally I was a little disappointed in it. Overall, its worth a rent but if you buy this game...well I just wouldn't recommend it.

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