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This is it

posted by Clickypen (AUSTIN, TX) Jun 24, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

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This was my game of the year for 2011, hands down. It was going to be Skyrim, but with the memory leaks and frequent crashing, I grew more and more frustrated. Speaking of frustration some didn't like Dark Souls for that reason. It's grueling and challenging, but it's also the most rewarding game I've ever played.

Utilize the online community and the wikidot page as your guide when you hit a wall, the chatango dark souls was loaded with people helping each other when it was released. I've never seen a community so involved in helping me.

What's better, a turbulent age of Fire or one of serene Darkness?

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Not for everyone

posted by melonbling (CENTERVILLE, UT) Jan 16, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

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If you've read any other reviews then you'll know this game is hard. If I was given only three words to review this game I'd say 'compilation of frustrations'. The training area only explains the most basic game controls - after that you're on your own. This holds true for even the most helpful controls like hitting R3 to lock on a target and tapping O while on a ladder to slide down.
Handholding aside the gameplay and combat is also difficult - one missed parry and you are in trouble. Stack on top of this fighting ghosts that can attack you relatively safe behind the wall, floor or ceiling and you will be shouting profanities at your TV.
The PVP is very similar to Demon Souls in nearly every way. The players that have played through NG+++ and are now bored have re-rolled another character and have done suicide runs to obtain some of the best equipment and leveled just enough to use it. Now they invade players who are wearing base equipment and are still figuring out how to kill an undead spearman with a shield raised. Unfortunately, this only gets worse as you level up. I'm at level 49 and I can't get through Darkmoon Forest. My chances of successfully summoning a phantom to aid me runs between 5-10%, but my chances of getting invaded within 3 minutes are about 100%.
So as a word of warning, if you haven't beaten God of War, Dante's Inferno, Skyrim, etc, etc on the hardest difficulty then this game is probably not for you. Feel free to join me in Darkmoon Forest - I'll be the player that opens the PS menu and waits for the message to flash on the screen angermanagement-666 has invaded and then quit the game. Just sharing the frustration for the PVPers.

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Best Action RPG

posted by mistagino815 (ALPHARETTA, GA) Aug 31, 2012

Member since Jul 2011

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The combat is great. The graphics are detailed. The story does not press itself upon you. An open world with only your findings to direct you. Not to mention a game where you can beat over and over. A rare find indeed. A must buy if not rent.

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