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Very Good

Dark Souls First Look

posted by Firedog777 (BELLEFONTE, PA) Oct 23, 2011

Member since Nov 2009

Dark Souls is a great, intuitive game. I have spent over 10 hours playing and I am just at the second "boss". Let's break it down, the combat works very well. Everything you do and everything you use plays a big part in combat every second! and you can't cheat this because of the real-time menus, you can't just go into a menu and change everything you have and then get back into battle, this causes you to think more in depth about what you are going to use and how you are going to use it. The game is very hard and takes some time getting used to but after the first couple hours and hopefully un-stressful beggining, you can understand how Dark Souls works. The good- Exploration is a good part of the game and it requires thinking to get to some items, Combat is fluid and soild, there are alot of higher level enemies for you to work on throughout the game, story is good and hard to lose sight of you goals. The bad- It can be very hard, if your fighting more then 2 enemies at a time and you let your gaurd down for a second it could result in your death, there is no mercy system for falling off the edges of the map... be careful, when starting everything can be very hard to understand. The fun- There are multiple rare weapons then if you can get them and have the stats to use them, can be a game changer, and a very enjoyable one at that! also with a messaging system you can give hints to friends and also see others play their game around you... very fun The hated- Most enemies can one-hit-kill you. Be afraid, be very afraid... That is why I give Dark Souls an 8 out of 10.

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This game was ok.

posted by sethlord98 (BUCKHANNON, WV) Oct 21, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

Well for starters, You will die... a lot. But that's not biggest problem. The problem is finding your way, but when you do... you die. The bonfires restore your health, flasks, and enemies. so you wasted all of that killing just to kill them again. I liked it other than that. So i'd say Give it a try.

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fun to play

posted by waffleball (NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV) Oct 20, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

as other people have said this game can be quite challenging. i wish they honestly made some bosses a bit harder, as if i want to i can lure a few off a cliff (dumb lava boss i forgot his name). or even make a certain boss drop off of a fortress(iron golem). this game is really fun to play but seeing as how they advertised their co-op alot i expected it to work, even pvp barely works at times. other than that the world is greatly detailed, quite a few bosses still give a challenge also. tons of area to explore. id recommend this game if you are tired of games that are way to easy.

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