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WARNING TO CASUAL GAMERS! Not your everyday Game.

posted by Akuma33 (FPO, AE) Nov 2, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

Ok I brought this for the PS3 but writing the review for gamefly on the 360. Either way to all the 'casual' gamers out there stay away from this game. If you have not played the first game (demon soul) then you are in for a world of hurt feelings. Yes its a RPG, yes the graphics are great, yes the combat mechanics are good but some time to get use to and yes its probably one of the games in the running for game of the year. But if you are expecting a FF type game look else where. Seriously this game is unforgiving to all that think this is a walk in a park. For the first two hours this game promises nothing but that is something for the player to work out themselves. Seriously, I'm writing this as a warning to anyone who likes RPG's, hack and slashs and dungeon crawlers this game is all the above but you will not like it if you are not ready to be frustrated, irritated, P!$$3D off, or any emotion that will cause you to want to destroy your TV or controller or a combination of the two. So I'm writing this to warn anyone that is thinking about this game. Its unforgiving, punishing and you WILL die THOUSAND times and that is just the first level. Worth the BUY or rent. But you have been warned about this game.

Hardcore gamers we finally got a sequel to the best game ever!

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A great but flawed game.

posted by Done25 (ALBANY, NY) Oct 31, 2011

Member since Feb 2008

This is a wonderful game, but flawed pvp that barely works half the time means that this is pretty much a one player game other than one or two boss fights.

Supposedly their going to patch this along with multiple exploits and unbalanced items/abilities but I'm not holding my breath. There were fun parts in the 120+ hours that I played, but I can't help but feel unsatisfied thanks to lack of any real multilayer and the horrible game balance.

Lightning weapons can be combined with pyromancy for a stat free build that massively out damages everything else for a LONG time. Do this only if you want to remove all challenge from the game.

Also watch out for people using a spell known as The Walk of Peace that slows all surrounding foes down to a crawl and stops them from rolling. Greifers like to combine it with the Ring of Fog that makes them near impossible to see past point blank range and prevents lock on. This makes it almost impossible to fight back when combined with the slowing effect.

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Very Good

Great game but...

posted by johnnycage (CLARKSTON, WA) Oct 29, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

Dark Souls is a great game. The challenge is consuming. It runs good and looks great. The only down fall I have with this game is that its not a gamefly game. Unless you play constently you will have paid for the full price of the game with your gamefly perscription. If you our intrested in this game i recomend you get it from gamefly, see how you like it (becuse alot of people don't like the challenge) and decide if you want to purchase it.

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