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Gorgeous, Challenging, Exciting

posted by Dremu (ASHTABULA, OH) Dec 7, 2011

Member since Dec 2011

When I first picked up Dark Souls I didn't know what to expect, would it be like Demon's Souls? Or something different all together? Dark Souls is underrated, it's challenging to people which makes them say "I'd rather not die this much" and give a bad review. The games graphics are beautiful, not advanced but very attractive. The gameplay is smooth, some areas lag for the lack of loading screen (Death is your only loading screen) but once you've been to each area the lag stops. Leveling is unique and your experience is currency as well as your tool of leveling which I find to be quite interesting. This game is addicting when you're progressing and it shows how a real RPG should be. Think back to Final Fantasy, there was rarely any way of knowing where to go next, sometimes you'd run into high level monsters at level 1, this can often happen in Dark Souls but once you learn about where to go you don't have to worry about it anymore. The boss fights are probably the greatest battles that any other game could do, they are legit boss fights not a stationary guy stuck in the floor throwing fireballs and then waiting 10 seconds to recharge his energy to fire more allowing you to whack at him. The boss fights take strategy and skill, and they even allow you to summon friends or npcs to help on the fights because of its challenging nature. Overall this game is wonderful, the classes are unique and well made. The game seems balanced and its newest update fixed a lot of issues. I give this game a 9, 9.3 if I could. This game needs a better rating then what gamefly gives to it. If you love skyrim or any games like it, you'll love this.

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GF Rating

Very Good

It was good but had ups and downs

posted by Aflyingunicorn (TULAROSA, NM) Dec 6, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

Ok heres the deal when you first start up its automatically the customization screen then what ever you do with you face gets pretty much deleted when you start up and you have a red face instead of whatever you customized and then the gameplay the graphics are good but whenever you swing your sword it takes FOREVER to swing and recover and the thing i HATED most about it is that you cant pause the game at all and whenever you go into a a screen you can control the options and stuff with the D-Pad and you can still control the character with the left analog stick and you can even still get hurt in it and when you push the XBOX-Button so you cant pause the game at all.

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GF Rating


dark souls

posted by DrPatch (LAS VEGAS, NV) Dec 5, 2011

Member since Dec 2010

It was one of the worst games ever I heard you died alot but i expected toi die from big monsters and instead they were normal ones that would kill you and in only two hits I killed a big monster before the normal ones graphics look great but gameplay sucked hard to control and hard to counter not a good game for an impatient gamer.

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