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This Game Sucks

posted by Vancinator (READING, PA) Jan 22, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

i played this game like 3 times for like 20 minutes each time, and this game sucks, u die way too easy, the speed ratio between u and ur enemies is way off, if ur controller gets disconnected, it doesn't even pause, u just keep getting attacked, and every time u save, ur enemies all come back!!

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For the, for the masochistic

posted by Despero (CHICAGO, IL) Jan 15, 2012

Member since Sep 2011

Personally I enjoyed this game immensely when I started playing. The combat seemed fair, and the flow felt right. Turns out that was just the tutorial, because when I left the game decided to waste my time by killing me with cheap tricks instead of methodical challenges.

This is an absolute pass

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This was a great experience

posted by Wraith2321 (TALLAHASSEE, FL) Jan 9, 2012

Member since Nov 2007

The game is hard, can be frustrating, but is really good at what it sets out to do. Never in my life have I used the internet to figure out what is what on a game in such a complete fashion; how do I make a +10 weapon? Where do I need to go to farm this item? How do I summon another player so I can actually defeat this boss....Finally!?

It was annoying that information is not readily avaialble, and yes, you do need the internet to find answers to your questions. But a simple search will yield all your answers.

--Very well detailed. I'm surprised at the detail the game has. You might expect something sub-par, but no.
--Bosses are unique every time! Huge golem? Check. Wolf that's about 50 times larger than any wolf I've ever seen that attacks you with a sword? Say what?! Check! Huge demon? Oh yeah, definitly.
--Challenging...Double check! I've got 35+ hours in the game already and am still nowhere near completing it. I must have died close to 100 times by now. Sometimes it's from a simple enemy because I didn't heal or forgot to block, other times I was PVP attacked, other times I thought, or rather hoped a boss might be simple....BAH. That was just wishful thinking.
--Any character build can be immensely powerful and satisfying. You don't need a 50 in strength to be a powerful fighter, you can have low STR and high INT and make magic weapons (that are based off your INT stats). Allowing for that mage build wearing heavy armor who won't die instantly from tank fighters coming at you while you swing your greatsword and suddenly cast a PWN you spell.

--A map would be nice so I don't have to retain everything in my memory. Then again, old school games like Metroid were the same way, and they, like Dark Souls were extremely entertaining, fun, and memorable.
--A little bit of basic info for everything would be nice. Yes, the internet is avaialble, but I don't want to Google everything all the time.

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