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Not for gamers that need to be spoon fed!

posted by mikeybones1981 (MEDFORD, MA) Oct 19, 2014

Member since Oct 2014

Let me just say, first and foremost, I'm a bro gamer. I like COD and BF. I love bragging rights. Also, I like a challenge. Dark Souls 2, like its predecessors (Demon's and Dark Souls 1) provide that challenge. Yes, the learning curve is steep. Yes, you will die repeatedly. Yes, there is no magic compass pointing you in the right direction. That to me is the fun that I think a lot of these poor reviewers are missing. How can people possibly say this game is not playable without even giving it a fair shake?

Nintendo games of late eighties and early nineties were just about as challenging, if not moreso. Like those games, there's a lot of trial and error involved in the Souls franchise. Do think people gave up so easily when you fell into a pit in Super Mario Bros.? How about Ninja Gaiden? Guess not. These games are classics and are so for one reason: challenge. Now adays when games are so easy, hand hold you, and push you along with imaginary hands just to get you through a half-baked 6 hour story for a $60 point of admission. Wouldn't you rather get 100 hours of gameplay that pulls you in and keeps your attention?

So I ask you this fellow bro gamers and poor reviewers: What do you value? Instant gratification or a stiff challenge? Dark Souls will provide both if you give it a chance.

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if you have patients and love a great challenge.

posted by Joe_shmo (ONTARIO, CA) Oct 18, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

If your up for a really great challenge try it out but if your only play games for the story or the action or just to beat it and get it over with dont get it cause you'll probably end up rating a 1 or 3 cause you are not a "man" about things. If you play it for 1 hour and stop youve only played .1% of the entire game.

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not as good a story but a lot more fun and easier.

posted by timinator5 (EL DORADO HILLS, CA) Oct 11, 2014

Member since Jun 2013

Definetly not as good a story as Demon Souls or the original Dark Souls but its a lot easier and a lot more user friendly, especially since u can teleport to different locations from the beginning of the game.

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