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Not what I expected

posted by markjaltman (BUCHANAN, VA) May 30, 2014

Member since May 2014

Disappointed w/ the game play and quality. Not a huge Namco fan as it is, but concreted it. I had alot of hopes for this one.

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posted by daboiao (COLUMBUS, OH) May 30, 2014

Member since May 2013

This is the BEST WORST Game I've ever played. It's purely Death after Death after Death. The combat is super slow and ineffective at all cost. The PARRY is the WORST there's no way if your even a half millisecond late there's no parry. The blocking is terrible and the game is just way to hard for the "MASSIVE" arsenal of bullsnit combat skills just cause it's an RPG Doesn't mean we can at have good combat. That alone KILLS it for me. I mean if your gonna make it SUPER HARD at least let me DEFEND myself damm. Major FAILLL

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Above Average

do you like google? youll use it alot

posted by AC00LNAME (TACOMA, WA) May 23, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

I pretty much LOVE dark souls and the whole idea of it. It's addictive and entertaining. Just one huge motha loving flaw in this game is the Dang thing gives you no clues on where to go. You have to live by your computer to Google walkthroughs. I spend 1/4th my time on Google while my game just sits. I've walked around every where and talked to the few people in the game and no one gives you a mission. The first dark souls they sent you on a clear quest to ring 2 bells. I had a mission. The second one gave the graphics a boob job, took out humanities and gave us effigys and decided this would be all we need. This game is alot of fun when you find a new place to go but there are too many dead ends to consider this game a 10/10. I can see how people obsessed with the dark souls franchise would give this game a 10/10 or even a 9/10 out of pure loyalty but this game is no where even close to a 10. I gave it a fat 6. I don't give a dang who you are, you have to Google everything. Granted I figured alot out on my own but there's too Many stupid secret side missions that the game doesn't even hint you towards. The mansion in mojula is a good reference. You try to open the door but it's locked, so you have to travel to a tree, climb it, jump onto roofs, walk across them, go in a cave, avoid a rolling rock and talk to some guy crawling on the ground 5 times before he gives you the key to the mansion.... Id of never found this key if it wernt for Google. Stupid to ake a game that requires a second source for information. They need more hints in the game so to avoid putting the game down (no pause button) and googling the answer and walk through for 30+ minutes. Skyrim isn't as fast paced as this game but I didn't spend hours googling where to go so I consider skyrim a huge upgrade from this game. The graphics are good but I'm not judging a games overall rating off of visuals. I love and hate this game.I could have made it funner to play. They wasted alot of potential

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