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Ready for A Comeback

posted by aCeManning18 (SUFFOLK, VA) May 21, 2014

Member since Mar 2012

Let me begin by saying that I have logged countless hours in to both of the Dark Souls games. In my experience the second is just as good to the first. The difficulty is not as high as it was for the first play through as it was in the first. However, as you continue throughout the game's multiple play through the difficulty really cranks up. Many people have trouble exploring the diverse landscape presented in the world of Dragliec. My only advice for those people is to be observant, never rush through or at your enemy, for if you do Dark Souls will make sure you pay for your sins. Overall, this game combines a wonder story line which really makes you dig deep in to the lore of the game. The graphics are excellent and this is coming from someone who does not care about graphics. This game is an instant classic and should be a part of every serious gamers collection. 10/10 from me I recommend starting as a swordsman in order to get a true feel for the game. Best of luck and Prepare To Die!

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Not for me

posted by A2TGazooK3ry (SENATH, MO) May 20, 2014

Member since Apr 2012

This game has no direction starting out. I'm new to dark souls and it took 4 deaths and 1 hour to figure out the prologue. The small helpful hints you get on stones throughout the level are vague. The game is impeccably hard. You will die multiply times, lose your humanity (or whatever it is) the respawns will feel repetitive and pessimistic, you will be cursed which makes you lose half your health (handicapped) and for what, "a boss fight and a new sword that's not worth it." The game will be a twisted turn of mazes, cheap deaths, and repetitive linear gameplay;for little reward and little achievement. For people that have other things to do, don't get this game. I returned it the night I got it. I rather waste my time on other instruments. The leveling system is tied into the currency. That's a red flag right there. You have to use the currency to level up and to buy armor that your character needs to survive, however unless you want to spend time to consent farm and grind for souls then your out of luck. Not to mention the souls required to level up is very high.

For me it was pointless and I have other things to do then to; die multiply times for that one boss that drops a mediocre sword. I feel like the game has potential, but it seems like the creators were snoody little school girls that wanted revenge on the gaming community, for not being 'known', and so they made the game as hard as possible I mean why are all the achievements secrets?

Maybe you have time for a challenge (which you will get) and if your a hardcore gamer that really has time for this game then it might be fun, but if you have things to do, the incentive for this game is horrible,and not worth the grind of trying to beat it; just to say, "hey I beat it."

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by jbstockman (PHILADELPHIA, PA) May 17, 2014

Member since Sep 2010

This game is just plain bad. Not even 10 mins in and it's going back. The gameplay is just horrible with no direction on where or what you are supposed to do not to mention don't get hit by the enemy more than 3x or back to the bonfire you go to start over

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