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posted by FaultyStorm4346 (MUKILTEO, WA) Mar 12, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

16 out of 22 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

If you enjoyed the first Dark Souls you will love this one! It has some nice new graphics there is no longer a framerate issues since the game always runs at a sturdy 30 frames. The bosses in this game are very well designed and challenging and the world of Dark Souls two is huge and chalked full of exploration. This also added many new combat mechanics and the new torch mechanic which is actualy pretty usefull. Overall this is an amazing game a must buy or rent for all Dark Souls fans!

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GoTY for 2014

posted by ColeCreek (KREAMER, PA) Mar 14, 2014

Member since Feb 2010

5 out of 8 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

Even with a slew up great upcoming titles in 2014, my bet is that Dark Souls 2 will stand as the best RPG this year. As a fan of the original I had my doubts on whether Dark Souls 2 could live up to the original game's greatness and without a doubt, it does. There are a few changes to the game worth mentioning. The first is the fast travel system that is implemented from the game's beginning, instead of more than 1/2 way thru like in Dark Souls. I was under the impression that you could jump around to any bonfire in the game from the get-go from the early reviews but this was misleading. You can fast travel to only ones you have visited. Another change in the game is that enemies don't respawn after you have killed them enough times. At first I was a little worried that this would detract from your ability to grind souls, but I have found that in certain areas off the beaten path
enemies still were present again and again. This change just seems to be in areas on the path to a boss to make it a little bit easier to reach them over and over. Also I have to mention that there is hollowing in the game when you die and everytime you are killed you lose 10% of your maxium health, up to 50%. This can be a real pain in the rear end because to reverse your hollowing you have to use an item at a bonfire and they are in limited supply (as are other items purchased from vendors). However about 6 hours into the game it is possible to get a ring that cuts your hp loss to 25% max; it just takes a bit of running to find it. One thing that is much improved are the graphics and I couldn't find 1 section of the game the had anything less than 30 fps frame rate (cough Blighttown). Dark Souls 2 is an amazing RPG with deep customization options and truly rewarding gameplay. Highly recommended for patient gamers that love a challenge.

(Xbox 360 gamertag)

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Really Bad

My thoughts on Dark Souls 2

posted by scruz_1003 (MILWAUKEE, WI) Jun 22, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

3 out of 6 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

This is really good idea for a game, but as interesting as it seems the mechanics could use a lot of work. I understand deadlines but taking the extra time to fix lagging, walking threw walls and the miraculous ability to avoid damage angled between stair rails would dramatically improve the quality. Also this game has a weird sense of authority. Like what's the point of enabling the player to kill themselves or kill those that help you. Also if you are going to give a player the ability of customization don't make it so limited. But on a positive note the cut-scenes are almost flawless and very theatrical. I rate this with a 2 because the mechanics aren't there.

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