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Big letdown

posted by quintfl (BLUE RIDGE, GA) Jul 25, 2014

Member since Mar 2011

I own Demon's Souls and Dark Souls and love both of them so I was looking forward to Dark Souls 2. I received this game in the mail and after playing it for about 5 minutes I realized they can't make Dark Souls any better but they can make it worse. In the short time that I had Dark Souls 2 I fought 3 bosses. All 3 bosses did the same moves and could all be beaten the same way. Most of the non-boss enemies could be beaten that same way as well. Also, enemies stop respawning after you beat them a certain amount of times so 'farming' for souls is limited. Your weapons' durability decreases WAY too fast as well. About 5 points every enemy you fight and then when the number gets down to 0 the weapon breaks. There were also a few times where I said "where do I go now". The major difference between Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 is that, while both games will make you yell out in frustration and shut the game off, Dark Souls will have you coming back for more. Dark Souls 2 will have you taking the game out of the system and sending it back to Gamefly. I'm glad I didn't buy it.

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Difficult but satisfying

posted by Homerdough (NEW YORK, NY) Jul 14, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

First off, the game is made to kill you. There are enemies hidden around corners and that ambush you as you pick up items. You have to deal with it and on a first playthrough, you're likely to die in such an encounter. The controls are also a bit difficult to get but once you understand the stamina bar, it's doable.

However, successfully completing one of these encounters (especially on a first try) is really rewarding and gratifying. One time, I hadn't had a checkpoint for about 30 mins so I was very slowly going by and reached the boss fog and during the fight, I got hit and had about 2 hp left or so. But I won and I was yippeeing like a schoolgirl.

Once you get your good equipment and stat allocations, you deal a good amount of damage and the game is more learning the enemies than getting stronger. Luckily, if you mess up your stat allocations, you can reallocate your stats with a limited item to play as a different build, which warrants many ways to play through the game.

One thing I really hate about the game is that if you don't use a guide, it's near impossible to complete without pulling your hair out. The game doesn't tell you (and if it does, it doesn't do a good job telling you) where to go. Illusory walls are absolutely ridiculous because they may hide incredibly useful checkpoints and the only way you'd know is if you pressed X on every single wall you pass by.

Another instance is a few bossfights that become much more doable if you do a completely out of the way and obscure action to even the playing field.

All of these things seem impossible to know without a guide. However, when you fight bosses, it's very rewarding to feel them out, know their attacks inside and out, and whittle them down. I'd advise against using a wiki, unless you're really stuck (for like 3hrs+).

Aside from the lack of direction of where to go and illusory walls, this game is great fun and has massive replay value.

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For anyone who likes a challenge

posted by Rahmashock (LYNN, MA) Jul 13, 2014

Member since Aug 2013

Just like eveyone else, I myself love a good challenge and believe me when I tell you this, this game will get you rage quitting so hard. Your'll find yourself swearing at the tv and literally slapping the controller or even yourself. This game isn't your average run and slash type, it's more of carefully reading your opponents tactics and moves and attacking at the right moment. Now the enemies are hard and your'll die alot and I mean "ALOT" but the satisfaction you get from defeating the boss is an extraordinary feeling. I only started playing this game cause of Pewdiepie and the way he kept dying and his facial expression made me want to try the game out. Before I end my review, one tip for anyone new playing the game, watch out for ledges, cliffs and holes. I died alot falling off.

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