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good rent but flawed

posted by stealth10 (DRAPER, UT) Sep 5, 2008

Member since Jan 2007

22 out of 28 gamers (79%) found this review helpful

the good: Great intuitive controls. Fantastic glaive throwing device with endless fun cutting up ememies. Gunplay works well together with glaive. voice acting was appropriate and not annoying. puzzles are a decent challenge and not frustrating. Graphics are good. The use of elements for your glaive like fire, ice, and electriciy was a nice touch. Enough playability to keep my intrested til the end

the bad: Some dreary unspectacular level design that may make you say 'this looks like the last level'. Confusing story. music good but forgetable. Tasks of opening blocked ways was inventive, but still a 'do this to open this door to more enemies' type gameplay. Bosses were a bit cheap with the one strike kills, but not intirely frustrating. Money for guns was a problem and I could not afford anything more than 3 out of the 10 offered, and the upgrades were not interchangable once you install them.

Overall: It felt like it needed a jolt or more going on in the game, and it felt a little empty. If they changed the color scheme more often or level design it would be a great game. It's a Good rent if you have a weak lineup or waiting inbetween more inticipated games.

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GF Rating

Very Good

darkSector-simple innovation goes a long way.

posted by GreyKane (NEW YORK, NY) Oct 14, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

23 out of 30 gamers (77%) found this review helpful

darkSector is by no means a perfect game. However, it accomplishes the simple tasks of remaining fast paced, action packed, and allowing you to manipulate a heck of a projectile weapon. I've never had so much fun decapitating bogeys before. Sure a headshot is always nice ala Halo or R6, but to guide a 3 bladed glaive through the neck of a baddy standing 100 feet away...priceless.

The games story is simple, the black market weapon smithing is simple, the gameplay is simple, and to experience satisfaction is simple. This is not a highly techincal game, if your looking for taht move on, but I appreciated that about darkSector. Its a get up and go action game that won't consume life. A couple of hours a day for a couple of weeks and I was done with it.
I love it as such and would recommend anyone to check it out for the simple reason of it being SIMPLY FUN.

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GF Rating


Dark Sector

posted by zenubio (FARMINGTON, MN) Apr 9, 2008

Member since Aug 2003

83 out of 118 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

The reviews for this game are way too generous. I actually got frustrated playing this game a couple times and took a break. Usually it's a lack of time that keeps me from playing. I'll start with the good things.

The graphics (level design, finishing graphics) are pretty good (on par with Gears of War), controls are pretty decent. Seems like they are trying something new (although the did this much better in Tron 2.0 Killer App).

Here's the thing with the glaive. It's really cool at first to decapitate heads and cut off limbs, but it gets REALLY OLD after awhile. The problem is that once you throw it, you have to wait for it to come back, which leaves you vulnerable, while your enemies shoot you.

Being a first person shooter fan, I naturally wanted to use my weapon, which you can duel-wield and get into some interesting strategies. The problem is a lack of ammo. They really don't give you close to enough ammo for the number of hits your enemies take. I realize the point of this is to encourage you to use the glaive instead, but I literally got stuck a couple times because I was constantly out of ammo, fighting guys that could only be shot. Which brings me to the next issue.

The bosses are different sizes and take different strategies to kill, but you almost get no indication of what is a success or not. To me it was very hard to tell what weapons did damage and what ones didn't which was a huge waste of time.

My last major gripe is the number of enemies. You have humans, zombies, other weird creators (that are never explained very well). They take 3-4 hits typically per person. It gets REALLY old glaving 20 people 4 times every 5 minutes. There's also guys that run at you with no fear of being shot and they gang up on you and your melee attack is WAY too weak.

Maybe I'm being too picky, but my time is limited and I want to spend it playing top notch games such as Gears, Call of Duty, and Rainbow Six. This game is close and worth a rent.

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