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GF Rating


Enough To get You By

posted by RegissReg (SAINT PETERSBURG, FL) Apr 7, 2008

Member since Feb 2007

One thing I can say about playing Dark Sector is the Graphics are good. It seem like the Graphics are better than the cut scenes. The Story is not good and hard to follow, it seems like there is alot of information missing. The weapons is original and fun. This is a game to have for now until the big titles come out.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Strives to be innovative!!

posted by phatty (SANDY, UT) Apr 6, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

First of all I would just like to state that this is an outstanding game in it's own right. But is not without it's flaws. Let's point out the positive first. What I found immensely addictive about this game was the gameplay. Usually for me it might be the storyline or some other element of the game. The addition of the glave added a nice effect to the game and nothing was more satisfying than chopping the limbs and heads off of enemy's in slow motion. Glorious!! This game is also amazing visually. A lot of thought and effort was put into this game and I give props to the developers for making such a good looking game. I really like the dark and gritty approach that they made with this game.

Now for the bad. Unfortunately, this game had an almost non-existent, boring, and stale plot. It also provided almost no background information on any character, not even the main character in the game so it made it real hard to even get into the characters. Without spoiling anything the ending of the game is something left to be desired as well. And I would say the same thing for the mutiplayer. I did find it fun at first but can see it getting old really fast. Hopefully new multiplayer content with be added later. I'm shocked that they didn't even put in your typical deathmatch and team deathmatch.

Overall, I still think this game is amazing. If it wasn't for the glave this game would have just been another third person shooter with a cover system. The gameplay was so immersive that I kind of forget everything else, forgave it, and wanted to play it all over again the second time on brutal. I highly recommend this title to any action/adventure fan.

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