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where to begin

posted by Neecie1 (NEWNAN, GA) Jun 13, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

The graphics to the game are great and the change from fighting bad guys to creatures is nice in having the best of both worlds in this game. On the other hand controlling your character sucks, the aiming is horrible and who creates a game where they throw you immediately into a gun fight and no tutitorial. I kept getting killed trying to figure out what all my character did. I had to figure out how to reload my weapon, how to press up against a wall. I somehow accidentally threw a frag grenade which i am still trying to figure out how i did it. I was trying to change weapons and I accidentally did it but only only happens accidentally because I don't know which button does it. Overall the gameplay as far as the use of your character TOTALLY SUCKS!! They needed to have it where you can press a button and automatically face your enemy instead of getting beat in the back of the head or shot because your going around in circles trying to face them, that would have helped alot. It was extremely frustrating and disappointed playing this game because of it and it did not make my gaming experience pleasurable.

The other negative thing was that your character could not sneak from corners to keep yourself from being killed while your trying to take a shot at them, so your left in the open trying to take your enemy out.

They had the right idea with this game and Hayden the character can do some cool things but had they tied all their loose ends, it could have been an awesome game. That is why i gave this game a rating of 5. I Have played it for 2 days trying to give it a chance but I am returning it. Your suppose to have fun with a game not get mad and frustrated, especially at the developers of this game. Nice try though.

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Above Average

Dark Sector Review

posted by mretzloff (MATTHEWS, NC) Apr 5, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

6 out of 8 gamers (75%) found this review helpful


Introduction: Step into the shoes of Hayden Tenno and get ready to uncover some Cold War secrets. A character who, at first, doesn't enjoy killing, an interesting weapon, and great graphics, make this an interesting rent!

Graphics: The graphics are great. However, there are no beautiful landscapes; all you see are buildings and destruction.

Gameplay: You're given a new weapon, the glaive, and standard guns with different names. It might take a while to learn how to use the glaive to its full potential, but otherwise the controls are simple.

Story: Unless you listen closely, you'll get lost in the story. Overall, you're using Cold War technology to uncover secrets. However, the story doesn't ruin the game.

Originality: The only thing that is somewhat original about Dark Sector is the glaive. Overall, Dark Sector is nothing more than Gears of War and Rainbow Six:: Vegas combined.

Length: The game should last you 10-ish hours, more if you beat it twice, and even more if you play multiplayer. At times Dark Sector seems lengthy.

Bottom Line: The reason why Dark Sector got a 6 is because it brings nothing big to the table. Dark Sector was hyped to be a top-notch game, and it isn't. Also, if you've played Gears of War, you've played most of Dark Sector. Dark Sector borrowed many things from Gears of War, especially the cover system.

As an overall game: 6/10
As a third person shooter game: 5/10
Best part: ---
Worst part: The lack of a compelling story

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GF Rating


Pretty Hate Machine

posted by Zlash99 (AURORA, CO) Nov 27, 2009

Member since Oct 2007

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Pretty- Great looking graphics and texturing for about 90% of the game.

Hate- Storyline goes no where fast, weapons are boring and upgrades are less then helpful

Machine- Much like any industrialized item... throw gliave, guide for the kill, repeat... not much in the way of fresh after about 3 hours of gaming. Bosses are a touch different but still same concept, throw, guide, repeat.

Overall 3 because this was obviously rushed. So many unclean control issues and graphics issues. Storyline is winding and non-cohesive.

Rent, get frustrated, return... repeat

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