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Really conflicted about this game...

posted by GFR013 (MERRIFIELD, VA) Apr 2, 2008

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I really want to like this game more than I do, but there are enough problems with it that I don't feel I can give it a higher rating. For example the graphics and visual effects look great, until you start to look at them too closely then it starts to lose some of the "shine". The wall that looks great at a distance becomes obviously pixilated when you get right next to it. Also, there are some MAJOR (body parts through the wall type thing) clipping problems I haven't seen in a game in quite some time.

The weapon systems (power up options for the firearms), and the versatility of the main weapon is really imaginative. I especially like how the abilities of the main weapon develop over time and how you sometimes have to use multiple abilities to work through puzzles[1]. However, one would think a three bladed weapon would be a little more effective in hand to hand combat ;) Speaking of which, third person is not my favorite perspective, for this game though I don't think it would be possible to do it any other way, however it suffers the same problem most third person games do in hand to hand combat... facing multiple opponents is really difficult. You're never facing the right way and turning is impossible. If you try create some distance by running, the opponents find a burst of speed and keep up.

The one thing I will give the game without question is the sound. One of the first bosses is a helicopter and between you turning around and the helicopter flying around the surround speakers really get a work out and you know exactly where it is. Very effective use of sound the entire game.

So, if you like shooters/adventures, definitely rent it. The controls aren't bad, the story is lame (but skipable ;)), and it's a lot of fun if you can overlook the short comings.

[1] Which brings up another issue though in that sometimes what you are supposed to do to solve the puzzle and make it to the next level is not the most obvious thing in the world.

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A Hodgepodge of Great Games = Failure???

posted by Sleezebag (DELAWARE, OH) Mar 31, 2008

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I was actually looking forward to this game quite a bit. The Gears of War like look and the cool Glaive weapon really got me interested. The Truth is, the game is great at first. It all flows real well and shooting enemies or decapitating enemies from cover is fun, but I soon realised that that is basically the whole game. The Story is pure c-r-a-p on a log. I have to say, this is the first game that elludes me so much from the teh story because it is so hard to follow and feels like there are several cutscenes missing that need to tell me more. I think that this is how it goes; You are a CIA agent from America during the cold war who gets infected by some infection in Russia. Then you..... yeah.... Thats where it looses me. Its that confusing that you'll lose track of whats going on if your not like super focused on teh story. But, the Gameplay makes up for this a bit. If you played Gears of War, youll get teh gameplay real quick. You get on cover and roll with X and peak out with L1 and fire with R1. You throw your Glaive with R2. The mix of galive-play and gunfights is cool but the bad part is that the enemies are so weak and die one well placed hit of the glaive. So you barely use your gun(s) during the first 3 or so hours of the game. then during the middle to close end, you end up just using your guns beacuse you start to fight stupid fast and strong creatures that the glaive pretty much becomes usless on. You can melee attack with O, but it does miniscul damage. You can do finishing moves on enemies that are stunned and these are always gorey and satisfing kills. The boss battles are really fun. They challenge you to use all aspects of the glaives powers (and there are MANY MANY powers). The Graphics are excellent. This is the next best looking game on the PS3 next to Uncharted.
ONLINE:N/A (didnt play it)
OVERALL: 7.9/10 Its worth a rent, dont buy it like i did :(

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Overall really impressed

posted by Jusmezz (HASLETT, MI) Mar 31, 2008

Member since Apr 2007

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Beautiful graphics
Gameplay is outstanding at times
Best weapon I've used in a game

spotty storyline at best
multiplayer is limited
a few minor graphic texture glitches
context sensitive controls can be flaky

Overall, I'd say this is actually one of the top ps3 games I've played. The story isn't great and it isn't groundbreaking in any particular category, but it is really fun and controlling the glaive never gets old. If you can forgive it's shortcoming's you will really enjoy this title. It's what you would get if Resident Evil and Gears of War had an evil baby together.

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