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Great RPG for all types of players

posted by mlbain (WEBSTER, TX) Jul 20, 2007

Member since Jan 2004

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If you're not completely sold on the RPG genre, this is the game to get your feet wet. It does have a sequel, so if you find yourself hooked, there's more hours worth of game play - so you won't be left hung out to dry. Dark Cloud 1 starts out not only your village destroyed, but many others. You wear on your wrist (I can't remember how you obtain this) a geo stone (it's been a few years so bare with me here). By fighting your way through dungeons, you find pieces of the town's buildings to put together. There's many correct ways to put the town together but there's one very correct way that optimizes the town's clues and thus is ultimate the very best way to reconstruct the town (so don't go memorizing what the town looked like before, it'll look completely different after no matter what).

What I loved about this game is it reminded me of some of my very favorite games - Zelda, Sim City a small hint of the Sims (you'll find small parts of houses and have to build them, like a chimney, ladder, barrel, etc) and yet it had it's own unique flare of advancing through the dungeons. While having some of the stylings of those other games it still remained it's own and held it's own. The beasts fought sometimes took some thought to defeat - I remember a card with hands and legs but it mirrored every action I took. I hadn't seen that in Zelda before. Level-5 did a fantastic job with this title and I will keep a close eye out for any further titles from them with great anticipation and excitement. Definitely a winning title here!

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GF Rating


Dark Cloud

posted by ccorley87 (ATMORE, AL) Jun 28, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

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Dark Cloud has an amazing storyline. Its a long game and you can beat it 3 times and it still wont get boring.

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Not As Grim As It Appears

posted by TheApester (MCGREGOR, TX) Oct 23, 2007

Member since Nov 2003

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Any parent that didn't allow their kids to play T games until they at least are past 10yrs may feel a little insecure about letting them play Dark Cloud at first glance. The name and the box art visualize a horrorifica game with countless decapitations and a dystopian world, leading to an
abysmal effect on their children. Dark Cloud should've been named something instilling, because,despise the fact that the main object of the game is to defeat the Dark Genie {who I have a habit of calling the Pink Genie} mainly it involves miracles coming to life through Sony's inspiration back in '01: Georama.
The story starts off sinister with the revival of a demon who looks like a pig and then the destruction of a Spanish village bearing the title Norune. Our hero,Toan (whom you can name) is given the ability of restoration of what's lost from a deity impressed by his actions. So, he takes himself as a miracle worker amist many locations and amoung many people, some bizzarre, yet cute.
Though many say it's a duplicate of TLoZ, DC has its own magic that needs a separate entry from those games. In Zelda, you can acquire weapons, but no such modifications are involved. In Dark Cloud, you can,but you must be aware of constant fixing of your weapons to keep their stats.
Also a simulation feature is involved. As you hike through age-long dungeons, spheres called Atla pepper each floor level for you to obtain what's in them: all what was saved. Once you collect them all, you can rebuild the town your style, but keeping the requests of the citizens true.
Dark Cloud can be a family game, as long as your kid can ignore "pumpkin panty fortune telling" &
not go asking about the suggestive punchlines of the game. Being underaged as well, I've played nearly all through it, laughed here and there, and look at me, I'm still me. Heh heh. It's not perfect like Ape Escape, and even that had flaws. I just rated Dark Cloud 10 because a 9 is kinda
underserving,isn't it?

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