Rent Dark Cloud for PS2
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Dark Cloud

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Boss clues

When fighting a Boss, use Xiao with Steve. Steve will talk and give hints on how to defeat the Bosses.

Get easy money 1

You can sell fishing bait and useless items such as Bombs, Fire Gems, Ice Gems, etc. However, fishing bait sells for more money.

Get easy money 2

When you die in the dungeon without stand in powder, you have to pay half of your money. To prevent this, just use your money to buy gold bullion. They cost 1,000 and you can sell them for 1,000.

Get easy money 3

If you have over 10,000 in gilda or bullion, step in a vortex and you get will get "increased money". Your gilda will increase by 10,000.

Get easy money 4

Go to the first floor of the Divine Beast Cave and kill some monsters. Use Xiao with her Bandit Slingshot. Sometimes, you will get a Crysknife, or a similar weapon. Get money by killing monsters and selling fishing bait and weapons.

Free items

If you do not build Old Gaffer's Buggy, you may still get free items from the mayor and build your weapons up very high to get ready for the second village, Matataki Village. REMEMBER: This will take some time, but is worth the effort.

Finding treasure chests in villages

Once you are in a village, choose Georama mode and skim through the area. You can spot treasure chests around the area quicker this way.

Building the Moon Factory

Look on page 34 in the instruction manual for a picture of how your completed Mecha should look like. Building it otherwise will not let you advance through the story.