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GF Rating


Disappointing At Best

posted by Jim1927 (RUFFS DALE, PA) Mar 8, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

6 out of 8 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

The grapics are decent, the fighting is pretty good, and the movement is fairly smooth. What kills this game for me is the puzzles, the jumps, the over use of QTE"s and the sometimes awkward camera angle.

I think this game could have been great, but you will go from fighting droves of beasts only to turn the next corner and have to do a series of very annoying swinging jumps or cross platforms that collapse beneath you and you only have a split second to hit the correct button prompted on the screen. You miss the chance and end up doing it over and over again. This just destroys the flow of the game, you go from an epic battle to doing a series of jumps more annoying than some of the jumps in Super Mario Bros. 1. I though they left this kind of stuff back in the 1980's.

The puzzles are the same way, its not that they are overly difficult its just that they take away the momentum of the game. I honestly think you spend more time doing puzzles and jumps than actually fighting. To top it off most of the times you die will be from timing a jump wrong or messing up a puzzle instead of actually dying in combat. There are times that the camera angle is just not right and you have no way to adjust it, so it leads to many of the deaths I speak of. Getting a clear view of where you are supposed to go would probaly help the jumping/landing issue a good bit.

The QTE's are just way overused in this game. Come on does every door you open in the game really have to be a QTE! Every boss battle and most times you absolve or punish an enemy are QTE's as well. The one thing you will learn is just how fast you can press your B button!!! Maybe they should include a new controller with it in case you wear yours out.

With all that being said if you really want to play this game please rent it before you buy it. There are some fun parts but the frustrating parts far out number the fun ones. I had about 9 hours in this game and I did not hurry through it.

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GF Rating


Dantes Inferno review

posted by axemanbbv (GREEN BAY, WI) Mar 7, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

9 out of 13 gamers (69%) found this review helpful

This game's concept is a pretty cool idea. There is only one very important ingredient missing from what would have otherwise been an awesome formula: FUN! Plain and simple....this game is no fun. The combat and boss fights are pretty cool and there are some neat and original elements around that. The problem is the rest of the game. The puzzles, platforming and swinging/rapeeling are just flat-out corny and IRRITATING. Don't mistake that for challenging...that's not what I mean. Controls are clunky and just don't feel right. Prepare to try to get past certain puzzles OVER and OVER and OVER again (you die) to the point where you'll be yelling profanity at the TV. It wouldn't be so bad if the player had to endure this only a few times throughout the game but these elements are MOST of the game. I got about halfway through the game and finally asked myself: "Why am I playing this? It's not even fun..." I then ejected the disk, put it back in the mailer and out to the mailbox it went!

Bottom line: If you like this genre of game, go with DMC 4 or even Bayonetta, don't waste your time on this one!

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GF Rating


Great start, boring end

posted by victim36 (SPRINGFIELD, MO) May 28, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

The game is visually stunning, plays smoothly, and has a nice variety of combat and simple puzzles. Definitely worth renting it and putting in the 7 or 8 hours to beat it on normal (zealot).

Regrettable after you reach the half way point, which is the start of Greed, it just feels repetitive. You run into the same scenarios, and enemies, and puzzle types.

Still fun, still exciting, and will still cause you to let loose a few expletives at your t.v. But, you probably won't bother playing through it a second time.

Gave it a 7, which is lower than it deserves. But, I tend to score on the low side naturally.

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