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HeII never looked so good

posted by cernunnos (GAINESVILLE, FL) Feb 8, 2010

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First off, Dante's Inferno presents us with some really nice graphics and a solid 60 fps frame rate, let's hope nobody tries to complain about this game in these particular areas because Visceral got all this right.

GOW clone? Sure, there are similarities but it is beyond me why people would complain since GOW was such a hit. Is too much a good thing really that bad?

The combat is solid and fluid my only gripe is lack of camera control which should be mapped to the right thumbstick but instead gives us a "dodge" option. After playing Darksiders it takes a minute to get used to this change.

I'm sure there are purists out there who will never be cool with their precious poem being turned into a video game but forget those people, they probably don't even own Xboxs. Did Visceral take many liberties with the source material, it is very evident but honestly now, do you really care if every detail from the poem is presented exactly how it was written hundreds of years ago? Didn't think so, so long as HeII looks brutal and cool and it's in HD, that is what REALLY matters.

Dante's Inferno definitely delivers. Even if you never read/heard of the poem this game is just as enjoyable for the newcomer and for those of you who have read the original source material, it just makes the whole adventure that much grander. I guarantee you will see a few things here and there and think "hey, I remember something like that from my college lit class!" (or high school AP for you smarty pants!)

The only downside I can see, some of us may feel obliged to read/re-read the poem, which will definitely take alot of precious gaming time away from us but may keep our consoles from over heating, so it's not much of a downside really. Also, Xbox owners we got jipped, no special edition + we will have to pay for our DLC :(

Buy this game. DLC in April, map editor, coop mode. Rent then buy or just buy. Regardless of what you think about this review, feel free to Go To HeII


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GF Rating

Very Good

Great game!

posted by denzo45 (ASHTABULA, OH) Nov 9, 2011

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I enjoyed the plot of this game, which was based on 'the Divine Comedy' where Dante travels through the 9 circles of 'heck'. The game in of itself is fairly linear, and easy to learn. If you've played games such as Enslaved or Assassins Creed, it's similar in the gameplay, but far more linear. You go around killing hellish enemies, giant evil bosses, all to save the soul of your beloved Beatrice. Along the way, Virgil guides you on your quest. You can pickup coins, relics, and shades to strengthen your powers. You can also absolve or dam'n' souls while killing them, which will go to your unholy/holy powers, unlocking combo attacks and other moves. Some people may say this is a short game, and I clocked in around 6 hours to beat it on classic. I don't bother with difficulty settings unless achievements call for it. It's a fun game, with a variety of baddies to kill, and items to find. My only gripe is that the save system is a little wonky. The only way to save is at the beatrice statues. If you die before saving, it sends you back to the last statue you saved. While this is a minor inconvenience, it does get annoying having to replay through an area and collect all of the items you just collected. You just have to be very precise with your movements and you shouldn't die. Other than that, this game is definitely fun to play. It is obviously a mature game with the content that is in it, and there is quite a bit of nudity and lots of grotesque environments but nonetheless a great game.

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Interesting Yet Missing

posted by ENVADER1 (MOBILE, AL) Mar 23, 2010

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The game plays very clean from the start. However over time it becomes extremely repetitive... not much changes from the start til the end except for the boss fights which each have their own unique way to handle them.

Overall I found the gfx a 10/10 it looks great throughout.

Story I actually really enjoyed and kept playing to see what would occur next in the tale.. I was not disappointed. 10/10

Gameplay I will have to give a 6.5/0 because as stated earlier it was repetitive - I would have hoped to see a little more weapon layout or something instead of a combo tree. Seemed that I was lacking where it could have added some interesting new paths.

So overall giving it a 7 because though the gfx and story were great, it is how the game plays that matters. If you enjoy a story that occurs throughout your game and pretty straight order of play - you should enjoy this game in a play through once... maybe twice to try Inferno difficulty!


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