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Above Average

Its over before it begins

posted by philosophi (STONE MOUNTAIN, GA) Feb 15, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

First lets get this squared away right off the bat. It is a GOW clone. Ok now that Ive said that, lets move on to the game.

The Good:

When I started playing I will admit I thought it was fun. Yeah it was a GOW clone but that isnt a bad thing. So im fighting demons and evil spirits and im thinking not bad so far. Get to a boss fight still thinking not bad so far. So basically, the fighting is fine. You will be able to customize/upgrade/purchase what new moves. They will either be holy or unholy. Holy moves power up his cross thing which is more of a projectile weapon, unholy gives you combos to use with your massive scythe. So the fighting action in dante is good, bunch of naked chicks is fine too. Speaking of naked, I dont even know how they manage not to get this title rated as an AO title if that even exsist? Ha, they were clearly pushing the boundaries as to what they could do.

The Bad

Platforming in this game is 50/50. Some areas it works, some areas you will be doing the same jump over and over for about 5+ times because the controls dont want to respond and you cant see anything thanks to the awesome fixed camera that might be in a spot. Now it doesnt ruin the game, but I feel they should have had me doing more fighting and less crawling and jumping. So there will be instances where you might want to throw the controller through the tv. Also it is short, I got the game friday and beat it sunday and I wasnt rushing trying to finish it.


This game is mos def worthy of a rent. I wouldnt buy it but for 3 days of fun it will do. If your a trophie vulture you should be able to get all of them in this game. They are going to release some DLC for it in april which will allow you create your level and share it online little big planet style and you can even have co-op on your designed levels but I dont care for that, just thought id mention it.

So I give Dantes Inferno a 6 out of 10.

HIGHS - Fighting
LOWS - Platforming, to short.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Good but beware....

posted by jsmolins (SANTA ANA, CA) Feb 15, 2010

Member since Nov 2007

I don't have any particular ax to grind about it's perceived similarities to some other action game.

The story isn't bad, for purist remember it's "inspired by" not a transcription of the original poem. Much like movies are "inspired by" something.....

I would change my rating from a 6 to an 8 if not for a few details.

1. Save Points - this can be annoying. For example: Save point x is in location A. Right before you need to go out of your way for items 1,2 and 3. At location B their is a puzzle/obstacle where you may die a few times until you figure it out. This means if you don't want to abandon items 1.2 and 3 you need to go and reacquire them prior to further attempts at whatever the puzzle/obstacle is. If you're a completionist get ready for a lot of repetition.

2. Platforming/Puzzles - some of the platforming is pretty weak. You may find yourself dieing over and over not trying to figure out a puzzle, but time everything exactly right. I'm not talking about the typical timed puzzles we're all used to where there is a little wiggle room. In one particularly annoying puzzle the solution was pretty straight forward, but the actual execution took 1/2 hour to work out. For me these types of things kill replay value, because you never want to repeat this section.

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GF Rating


This game belongs in the 9 circles of well... yeah

posted by Chaotyx (ASHEBORO, NC) Feb 15, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

This game, has to be one of the worst games made.
All it is, is a rip-off, of God of war (a poor one at that)

It wasnt even close to being difficult on any note.
First play-through was 4.5 hours on second hardest difficulty, second play-through, 4 hours on hardest difficulty.

Only 2 weapons, some meager spells.

Not to mention the DLC that came out the same day or day after with it.

All in all, if youre just looking for something to do, play this game. othewise, wait another month for GoW 3.

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