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So much potential...

posted by Shezza (ANTIOCH, CA) Feb 14, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

Everything that was said before is pretty much the best that can be said about this game. It's a GOW knock off without the GOW punch. The imagery was about the best thing that can be said about this game and that just isn't enough for me as a player. Story was eh, point was what and the ending was a massive load of ridiculousness that would only make Hollywood happy. Even if Gerard Butler was the guy standing there with his butt flapping in the breeze, I wouldn't be happy... it was just that stupid.

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Very Good

A must RENT game, potential buy

posted by Gamer4Hire (BROOKLYN, NY) Feb 14, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

Despite all of the negative reviews that this game has been getting I still believe that it is worth playing. BUT!!! I would not reccomend this as a buy to anyone who has not had any hands-on time with the game (the full game, not the demo). One of the biggest flaws with the game is that it tends to be inconsistent. You don't have to get very far into the game to notice that some of the major selling points far the game like scale and uniqueness come up a little short of whats expected. Also there are alot of points in the game where the atmosphere of fighting through 9 different circles gets a little watered down by repetition (not a major issue but still noticeable). As for the story this is a bit of a mixed bag. The story at times seems to drag on a bit seeing as how its a fairly short one stretched across your whole journey through the underworld (and unskippable cutscences make this more apparent). But I found the end to be interesting. On the plus side, the game mechanics work pretty well, there are alot of things to collect, unlock, and level up, there is a new game + mode to carry over your stats to a new game, and the game is about average length depending on which difficulty level you play as well as your own skills as a gamer. I beat it in 8.5 hrs on my 1st run (hard mode). The 50 Waves in the Gates Challenge are also a nice challenge. And for those of you care I found this to be a very easy Platinum trophy. Scored mine in only a couple days. (PSN ID: Tenshiyami if you wanna see for yourself). So overall this game is definitely worth a shot. And if from there you truly enjoy the dark adventure that is Dante's Inferno then go ahead and buy it.

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Graphics are good Story line needs work

posted by Chris75189 (ROCKWALL, TX) Feb 14, 2010

Member since Mar 2006

There is no story line to this at all, the controls are choppy, and the graphics are good, if they would have put in alittle bit more effort into this game it would have been a better game, all around, its not even worth a rent or buy so unless u like the choppy controls and terrible story line

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