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Attention to detail makes a great game

posted by 4Kings (JAMAICA, NY) Jan 29, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

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Ive never written a review about any game before, but after playing this one, I'm pretty much forced to.

First, the storyline. What I liked the most about it was not just the content, but the speed of it. Within the first 20 mins of the game your pretty much already in the underworld and fighting minions. If people are complaining its a short game, they're are misguided. If the game seems fast, its because the story develops and progresses at a sped up rate, but I feel that its a good thing because it just lets you get back to the action that much quicker.

Next, the actual game play. What got me first was the fluidity of the game. The movements of Dante and his attacks were smooth and looked like they just led into one another (not choppy). I noticed no lag between entering the controls and the execution of the move. With the speed and control, the attack sequences are intense.

Graphics: Using an HDMI cable and a 24 inch screen, the graphics were a lot better than I thought it would be. There were crisp images and beautiful environments. I thought the lighting would be awkward in a game set in the underworld, but it turned out stunning. Also, yes, there is nudity, but if you feel like thats an issue, grow up.

Sound: Great voice acting, especially when performing certain attacks. Really makes you feel the grit and anguish in the game. Your in the underworld after all, people pretty much should be screaming and getting tortured.

Overall, I loved every aspect of the game. You can really tell the developers took their time in making this game and paid close attention to every detail. After beating the game, I found only one minor glitch, a feat not too many games can even boast about. As a side note, I loved the fact that they incorporated a wicked Scythe into the game instead of sword or something. Really added depth to the grandeur of it all.

Well, that's my first review. Hope you found it helpful. Would definitely recommend picking this game up and playing it.

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under rated game

posted by bulldog01 (COAL VALLEY, IL) Jan 26, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

7 out of 7 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

i, have never written a review before but i feel the 7.5 rating for this game is a little mis-leading. the game is'nt a direct reflection of the story told that shares its namesake, but more like a guideline of its content. the graphics are wounderful, the game play is easy to learn and apply, along with enough of a story to keep you watching the cinematoghraphy after a level is completed. this game is certainly not for the young as it has more than its fair share of nudity, violence, and gore. so if your old enough and the afore mentioned qualities do not offend you then by all means take this review as a strong recomendation to rent this title. i would and am thinking of buying this game to add to my personal collection, i beliefe it is a game you can play again once you have beaten it.

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The Real Truth

posted by South20345 (CHARLESTON, WV) Feb 16, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

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Yes it's like God of War. If you like God of War you will like Inferno, unless you are a fanatic who gets upset at things like that.

I will address all of the complaints that people are having with this game.

Length - This is not a short game, yes you can finish it in 2-3 days if you have nothing else to do but what game can't you finish in 2-3 days if you have nothing else to do. this is a 10 - 12 hour game. if you complain that it is too short that must mean you liked it. also, if you say you beat the game in 4-6 hrs. you aren't truthful.

Boss Battles - I don't know what some of you consider boss battles but there are plenty more than 3. i can think of 6 off the top of my head. it can still be a boss battle if the character you are fighting is just a tiny bit bigger than you.

Like God of War - So what! if you don't like GoW than don't play Inferno. if you do like GoW than quit complaining and enjoy the game.

Graphics - If you rate the graphics low you are a hater.

Storyline - The story is simple. you have to fight your way through the circles of h#%& to free your lady from Lucifer. There are no twists and i don't know why there has to be. if you need a twist tell M. Night Shamylan or however you spell it to make a game. i will correct myself, based on your definition of twist you could say that there is one.

Yes there is some nudity but if you are focused on that then it is time to grow up.

Inferno is an awesome game. I will play it through at least 1 more time prob 2. Graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is fun. i had a hard time putting the controller down because i wanted to see what was coming next. and the game is not easy by any stretch, once you figure out what it takes to defeat a boss it will seem easy but you still have to execute. i recommend this game to anyone who wants to just have fun playing a game. Enjoy!

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