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Dancing with the Stars


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Work Out Game!

posted by Nautica (AKRON, OH) Oct 31, 2007

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This game is defiantly not for the lazy person. It is a keep you involved game, with for the most part up to date music. Its kind a like dance dance rev meets Wii. I enjoy it, its at least a must try for everyone

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Great Fun even with a few flaws

posted by Shazbot (BROOKLYN, NY) Jan 21, 2008

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Overall this is a really good game that will get you out of your seat to best do all the movements.
This game requires a nunchuk in your left hand and the Wiimote in your right and dance steps are performed to the music by moving either or both controllers up, down, left or right and pressing the B and/or Z button to match icons move in from either side of the screen.
This kind of matching is not too far from the way Guitar Hero works with an extra dimension of timing the button presses.
Co-operative mode can be particularly fun in this game.
The early couples are nice and easy and you should be able to pass them within about the first 30 mins. As you get to the later couples the 'steps' come much closer together and can be quite tricky.
Could be better though. How?
The onscreen dancers don't miss their steps if you mess up for those watching you play and if they implemented this and then added an action replay feature for the last dance then it would be really entertaining to watch.
The professional level is not too much harder (at least not on the first four couples) than amatuer - the longevity of the game would be better with a bigger step up in difficulty.
The biggest gripe I have is that occaisionally the game will miss your movements on the nunchuk hand. I've tried three different ones and it is the same on all - this could be the sensitivity of the nunchuk itself though as I have noticed similar misses on Zelda. To avoid this make your movements much more pronounced on the nunchuk hand.

Overall this is a MUST RENT and is great fun whether you enjoy the dancing idea or not. Play for a few hours and you may get those familiar aches and pains that you got when you first bought your Wii and were not used to using some muscles! :-)
An expansion disk would be great or a 2nd version of the game with new features including those I mentioned.

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Not too bad... Could be better... Has it's moments

posted by Daistaar (NEW ROCHELLE, NY) Dec 14, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

36 out of 38 gamers (95%) found this review helpful

Dancing with the Stars is not that bad a game. It's actually a good game with only a few flaws. To understand this review a few things must be taken into account and I'll try to simplify them.

The Good:
First - This is a game for the girls. If your lady is a fan of the show, she'll love the game and it'll instantly score a 9 with her. The cast judges lend their voices, praises and criticisms to a very fun, authentic to the show experience.

Second - The animation is excellent. From flowing hair and swaying clothes, to motion-captured dancing by expert choreographers, the animation in the game is top-notch.

The Bad:
First - The selected cast are not exactly everyone's favorite competitors on the show. And there is no ability to create your dancer.

Second - While the animation is top-notch, it is essentially just a rendered video playing throught your performance. With that said, the dancers do not reflect your mistakes in their routine. They will do a flawless dance each and everytime with you hit all the notes or none at all.

Third - The Tracklist which, like the show, consist of well-known covers, leaves a lot to be desired. Many of the tracks don't motivate you and are not as easily recognizable classics as on the show.

Last - Not enough modes or new content to keep the game running fresh. Lines get old and repeated quickly. The short tracklist will have you playing the same dances over and over. The only real unlockables are professional difficulties.

My Synopsis: Unless your a really huge fan of the show, the guys should skip this one. If your girlfriend/wife/sister loves the show, pick it up for them. They will absolutely love it and you can have fun with them for a bit. This gets the job done perfectly for them, but leaves a lot to be desired for the male gamer.


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