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Poorly executed

posted by photokatalyst (SEATTLE, WA) Jul 26, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

This game has so many flaws that they must have rushed it. First, the loading time is interminable. Plus, if you get bored and go to the bathroom while loading, it will detect you're not there and pause, which is a pain because after one loading screen, there is often another and you need to be there to "click through". The most annoying part is that instead of having generic music for the loading screen, you have to suffer through the game's music. This sounds like it would be a great idea, but after you have listened to the song loop eight or ten times, it gets really old.
Now we get to the dancing part. Unfortunately, this game doesn't teach you how to do their moves, nor is it forgiving when you screw up a move. I'm actually quite good at Dance Central, but there's nothing that is _less_fun_ than dancing to a chorus of boos until the game kicks you out. As a final icing on the cake, the game doesn't even give you a complete song to dance to, which is surprisingly disappointing somehow. As a final kicker, this game crashed by brand new XBox a couple of times.

This game is not fun. I tried and tried until I realized that it was just a waste of my time.

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GF Rating



posted by SPECiiALxBBy (VICTORVILLE, CA) Jun 29, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

i popped the game in, it took what it seems like 10 minutes for the game to load to the start menu, what i noticed then that it was frozen on the loading page, so i reported the problem to gamefly, they sent me the same disc but supposedly fixed, but it loaded then it took forever to get to the songs, there are no tutorials on how to play and is no fun at all the same dance moves over and no difficulty change no matter which level you choose. if you want to play a dancing game CHOOSE DANCE CENTRAL! the best by far game for kinect.! please save yourself the time & money and DO NOT ORDER THIS GAME! (16 yr old girl)

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Dance Central is STILL THE BEST!

posted by 1980Peaches (BISHOP, CA) May 15, 2011

Member since May 2011

Was looking forward to a game with more songs that could top Dance Central, but this is NOT it! Not impressed with the avatars, they make it harder to figure out how you should be doing the moves cause they look like Gumby figures! Verses Dance Centrals life like characters & a rolling moves bar so you have a clue of what you should be doing!!! Not Gumby stick your arms in the air & side step to the correct color!!!
Dance Paradise music videos were awesome, but how are you supposed to enjoy a music video & follow the Gumby moves & side stepping to the right color at the correct time! The music videos are almost distracting while trying to keep up with your avatar changing color bars all the time!!!
DANCE PARADISE SUCKED! So far for the Kinect Dancing Games, DANCE CENTRAL IS STILL THE BEST! Easily understood to follow with up coming moves at your right side so you know what move is expected next!!! Dance Central has better graphics to enjoy & help you to figure out the moves better!
No Gumby side stepping changing color bars avatar for me!!! Boooo Dance Paradise, keep trying!!!

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