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Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2


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Gameplay Controls

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Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix

Directional Pad Move up, down, left or right
A Button Down/confirm selections
B Button Right/cancel selections
X Button Left
Y Button Up
White Button Edit mode controls
Black Button Edit mode controls
Left Trigger Edit mode controls
Right Trigger Edit mode controls
Start Start game
Back Cancel

Directional Pad Up/Down = Scroll sequence data, place or delete corresponding arrows during recording, Left/Right = Switch between 1P and 2P side, switch menus, change menu select content, place or delete corresponding arrows during recording
Left Thumbstick Increase scroll speed
Right Thumbstick Change width of sequence
A Button Places down arrows/deletes down arrows
B Button Places right arrows/deletes right arrows
X Button Places left arrows/deletes left arrows
Y Button Places up arrows/deletes up arrows
White Button Access sequence menu
Black Button Display area menu
Left Trigger Change cursor's movement units
Right Trigger Place an area mark (determine edit area)
Start Begin recording