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Really Bad

Damnation... its damned alright

posted by Bklyn11236 (BROOKLYN, NY) May 30, 2009

Member since May 2007

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I had quite high hopes for this game.
For months I looked and hoped that Damnation was a good game and could help me cast away boredom for a bit.
I actually gave up the opportunity to rent Infamous a game I knew was gonna be great and fantastic!
Yet, I got something HORRIBLE instead!!

Damnation ran on a good idea... Assassins Creed jumps and twists fused with Gears of Wars aiming and capping.

Yet, it could not even clone these great game successors correctly. Damnation is absolutely bad!

Unlike the Assassins Creed it tried to clone, Damnation makes jumping anywhere boring and plain. Its impossible to jump to certain obvious areas that you wish to get to and on top of that the mild jumps that should be extremely simple are absolutely dumb. Jumping from wall to wall is easy but boring. The physics are also absolutely horrible as stepping next to any dead enemies causes them to bounce as if hit with a grenade and the use of mines is all but necessary. Your computer partners also are extremely useless as they die for LITTLE to no reason. Against a mere five people they will be wiped out with ease as you are walking taking shots and what not. Yet the physics get even worse as you punch opponents within the game

A simple punch despite the difficulty sends opponents NO WHERE!!!!!

The most powerful looking punches will only shake your opponent as they continue to fire guns and such at you. Yet, you must think that when you shoot the opponent they at least flinch or jump back


When you shoot an opponent all that happens is they continue to shoot back with barely a flinch and once your gun does kill em you dont feel like it was worth it.

Please dont rent this games
And dont support this company
To trash something this badly
They deserve the horrible record they have gotten

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Uggghhhh! Too much hype!

posted by Seth0620 (TIPP CITY, OH) Jun 1, 2009

Member since May 2009

56 out of 60 gamers (93%) found this review helpful

This game is horrible.... don't waste your time! Extremely sub-par graphics, controls are difficult making even the easiest jumps hard to accomplish, wall jumping is near impossible! Targeting and zoom system is laughable. Don't plan on doing much shooting- you'll be too busy "reviving" your teammates, who stand around doing pretty much nothing but being in your enemies line of fire. Extremely frustrating!!! Played out storyline (yawn) even the cutscenes are boring. Would have been a decent game if it was released 5 years ago. Check out the copyright date -2007-HUH?? You would think that 2 years of development would yield at least a playable game! The developers should hang their heads in shame for releasing this catastrophy!!! Don't waste your time and remove from your game Q at all costs!!!

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At least they got the name right!

posted by ExWifeH8tr (LAS VEGAS, NV) Jul 20, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

6 out of 6 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

"Damnation" is that rare gem of a game that gets it all wrong; a game that must have sounded great in concept, but fails in a miserable fashion. I dare say that it is the product of A.D.D. as it appears to be a hodgepodge attempt to cash in on previous game successes. Sometimes this game thinks it is "Mirror's Edge", sometimes it thinks that it is "Motorstorm" biking around the South West. "Damnation" contains enemies that sound like a little too much like the Hellghast from "Killzone" or the Grubs from "Gears of War", and it is good to see that the Ghouls from "Fallout 3" found more work as the 'serum infected' populous.

The fundamental problem here is that "Damnation" does not do anything particularly well; for instance it contains enough bugs and collision detection errors to make "Mercenaries 2" and "The Force Unleashed" look like five star award winning games. "Damnation" is to video games what reality television is to cable; trite and accessible, with abysmal writing, voice acting, and sound effects. AI is difficult to program; however, it is quite obvious that the development team gave up on this game before it began. The laughable ease of the trophy acquisition is only matched by the sheer frustration of not being able to find anyone to play the game with in order to obtain those two multiplayer co-op trophies (In order to finish 100%, I finally went to my local video store and rented another copy to use on my spare system).

Even though I frequently say, "You have to play the bad games in order to realize the great games." Do not buy this game unless you hate the person you are getting it for; that being said "Damnation's" only selling point is that it has trophies for those hardcore collectors.

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