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Damnation = Abomination

posted by Eddi7117 (SHELTON, CT) May 31, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

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When the Game's Name, Case Cover, and your female sidekicks revealing outfit are the best things about the game you know your introuble. Unfortunately thats about all Damnation has going for it. Damnation is not a very good game. First off the Graphics are Bad. More Xbox 1 than Xbox360. The Acting is equally bad. Shooting is painful and sloppy. Aiming is bad and you need to hold 2 buttons to shoot (one to hold your weapon and one to shoot). There's nothing great about the guns either. They all seem the same in strength and are not that much fun to use. Whether its a pistol or machine gun you need to really unload on these guys to kill them. Enemies have patterns they walk back and forth and have pretty bad eyesight. You can get pretty close without them seeing you. And when your shooting them they don't run for cover or duck behind something, they'll just run in a straight line right at you while bullets to the face. And sometimes after you kill them they sort of just float in the air or get stuck in a wall. Your AI partners really just take up space. They don't help much and they seem to just appear at times from thin air.

The buzz on the game was all about the Climbing/Jumping aspect, which alot of the time just gets boring and at times frustrating. Its not uncommon to have to move the camera and jump 3-4 times till you finally grab a ladder. By the second or third level this all seems very repetitive and boring. One of my favorite features is having the screen turn gray and getting the old "Loading" popup. This happens at least once or twice a level in addition to framerate issues.

I can't comment about online because there was barely anyone playing. This game just isn't much fun. You may want to save yourself an open slot and wait a week for Prototype...

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Playing is Damnation

posted by biggyDx (DOVER, DE) May 30, 2009

Member since Feb 2008

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While playing Damnation, the first thing you are dropped into is a tutorial, which unfortunately shows how poor the graphics and A.I are.

Your teammants feel as though they are just along for the ride as your killing enemies by yourself, since your parter(s) will hardly ever shoot, leaving them getting shot many times and you having to rescue them over and over. In addition the enemy A.I. is not that bright either, sometimes not moving and shooting at al. They do, instead, do alot of damage. And since you cannot take cover most of the time you will be popping in and out of corners.

The graphics in this game barely pass for next-gen, as poor grainy landscapes and texture pop-ups are frequent.

The dailouge is not that great and cutscenes seem to just have fast-forward feeling about them.

The big thing this game has going for it is the games acrobatics, which you will need traversing the many vertical landscapes. Later on in the game you are also given the ability to see enemies and your teammates through wall. Though it is fun shooting a bad-guy while hanging from a rail, the action becomes repetitive over your possible 6-8 hours of gameplay. There is some vehicle action which lets you traverse the land at high speeds and even on the sides of walls

This game also supports co-op an multipayer, which makes the action more fun since you wont have a bonehead A.I. at your side. I would suggest this being only a rental at most as this pales in comparison to other shooter games out there.

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Really Bad

Cambodian re-education camps and Jeeezus.

posted by taipan (SAN TAN VALLEY, AZ) May 31, 2009

Member since Nov 2006

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I don't review games. I just don't take the time. I had to here, as a warning to others. I played this game for about four hours. When I was done crying, feeling dirty and rocking back and forth huddled up in the shower I decided to write this review (empowerment). If you are planing to rent this game just know that you have a better chance at 'fun' in a Cambodian re-education camp. The levels go on FOREVER. The grafx look like 'dig-dug' vomited on my t.v. Both those flaws would be okay with me if I was having fun. I wasn't. The only fun part of this game is the first two hours of environmental puzzels. Then the puzzels just got repetitive. Prince of Persia showed how this genera of game can shine. This game sets the 'junk' bar. You may want to rent this game and use it to punish your kids (more humane to beat them with a hanger), or play it yourself for a few hours so that, in the future, if you play a bad game you can say to yourself 'at least it wasn't as bad as "Damnation".' Thank you Jeeezus for Gamefly saving me from buying this game. I got the game in the mail today....and I sent it back today.

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