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Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII


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Arcade or Sim?

posted by FelixUngerFU (YUCAIPA, CA) Sep 27, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

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When the single player game is selected the game immediately asks if you would rather have the arcade or simulated experience. I chose sim on medium just to get started.
This is where the game lost it's identity for several reasons. Number one is that even after choosing sim it still felt an awful lot like an arcade,the enemies come in neverending wave, no stalls, a bullet time type feature called focus mode. This leads me to believe the game was asking me what it was because it was confused.
My next big concern is historical accuracy. The producers claim they were going for fun historical accuracy. Then why as a US fighter pilot was I being yelled at and failed because the Japanese were sinking the ship and blowing my AA during Pearl harbor. Last I checked ships sank so why am I failed for this?
Next flight wing was ordered to protect the AA emplacements being set into place. For over ten minutes two planes attacked from the west and three from the east over and over and over until they blew the AA and I was failed yet again for damage during PEARL HARBOR.
Overall poor gameplay, story, and just a sense of confusion on what type of game was being made by the producer.

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GF Rating

Really Bad


posted by theskyismydomai (KATY, TX) Dec 10, 2014

Member since Dec 2014

I love flight Sims so I've played my fair share damage Inc. Rit from the start feels sluggish the camera was definitely the first issue it couldn't stay directly behind the plane flying and sorta bounced u to wat ever side to put u on then far as enemies it just felt like waves n waves of enemy plans coming at u while not amounting to much of where the story was talking you thirdly the voice over was a tad bit below average so further down the game u grow tired of their Waterd down acting.

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Fun for like 3 minutes.....

posted by MrMagoo (NORTH ATTLEBORO, MA) Sep 28, 2012

Member since Sep 2005

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Boring game. Sick of it after 1 hour. Glad it's just a rental. Can't imagine paying $59.99 for this...

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