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not so great....

posted by unseth (LEESBURG, VA) Aug 10, 2009

Member since Dec 2005

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Now I don't know if the other reviewer even played the game yet or just wanted to work on their top 25 reviewer badge, but there is direction from Daisy. She'll go over how to do each excercise with video and audio instruction. Of course you can (thankfully) skip over this part once you've done the excercise enough times and don't want to hear the instructions again.

The bright side ends pretty much there. I knew I was in trouble when I was setting up my workout profile and I accidentally said I was 355 years old, and it didn't flag an error.

It also likes to give you answers to chose (like YES NO) when it doesn't even ask you a question. Like.. Please connect Wii Fit Board.. YES NO. huh?

It does let you use the wii fit board which is nice, but those excercises lack any substance just like the normal excercises. Nothing seems really connected.

For example, on one event, I was using the wii fit board. I was doing these rotating crunches and if you don't do it with the right timing and putting your weight on the board at the right time, it doesn't count at all. So if you need to do 10 reps, that means 10 correct reps. So really you end up doing 15 or so because you mess up 5 times, where in other games, it would just say you did 5 out of 10 correctly.

The game overall seems thrown together. No real visuals or flow in the game. The excercises are pretty boring and no real sense of accomplishing anything from one day to the next. The graphs don't show you much to see how far you've come along.

Looks like they just wanted another game to compete with the thousands of other wii games. Devs are just trying to push these things out as fast as possible.

Final Thoughts: Not as bad as Jillian Michael's workout, but not any better either.

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Did not really use the Wii fit board

posted by GrandeMoch (WATERFORD, MI) Feb 20, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

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I chose the routine for the Wii fit board. It did one excercise with it, then nothing else. The stretching was lame, 5 minutes of streatch to the side, stretch forward, stretch to the other side, repeat.

She didn't do the breathing on the 100. Didn't explain with this exercise was important.

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Not worth your time

posted by AngelEyz (SAN RAMON, CA) Dec 29, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

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I tried, but there is absolutely NOTHING I can recommend about this one. I'm using my Wii Fit as a component to improving my fitness and meeting my weight loss goals. I'm not a newbie to working out, but I AM new to Pilates and I thought perhaps that might make what other reviewers felt was a "simple" game a better fit for me. Nope.

I was looking for instruction similar to what you see with the Wii Fit Plus -- the first time you attempt an exercise you're offered the choice of watching a tutorial first. Again, nope. You have to navigate a (non-intuitive) map around the "resort" to look at all of the tutorials and then hope you absorb all she has to offer when you try your hand at a pre-programmed routine. I had no luck... the best I achieved was a 50% accuracy, and your "trainer/coach" provides NO feedback on how to improve (beyond... "you're in the red zone". Yeah, no sh-t sherlock...

This one's on it's way back after less than 24 hours in my living room. A new record...

I'll keep looking for other opportunities to learn and add Pilates to my repetoire.

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