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posted by universoul (PLAINFIELD, IL) Jan 31, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

I have played and beat all of the DMC games. I was nervous about this one but had faith that Ninja Theory new what they had to do NOT totally mess this up. They did an awesome job of nailing this game. The story was great and I can see how the previous DMC games exist in the same universe. I have a lot of faith that they will continue the Dante legend.

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Phenomenal Reboot

posted by shaunypat (ANTIOCH, TN) Jan 30, 2013

Member since Jan 2010

I'm a HUGE DMC fan, and even though I loved Enslaved(and was admittedly hacked off that it didn't sell better, thereby rendering a potential sequel impossible), I was highly skeptical of Ninja Theory's ability to make this franchise "fresh" to a new generation of fans while not ticking off older gamers like myself. Problem solved. Music, check. Atmosphere, check. Characters, check. Story is the only thing I think couldv'e been done better, and that's only because they didn't spend ENOUGH time on it. I would've spent another 10 hours on this game. It was great. Good start for what I hope is a new Trilogy or long series of DMC fare.

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Very Good

Surrealistic Dreamscape, Try before you buy.

posted by SnootHonk (OROVILLE, CA) Jan 29, 2013

Member since Aug 2008

In this DMC re-imagined and restructured universe which acts as the first third of a scheduled trilogy, one is drawn into a surreal world of vibrant color, creative level design, and for the most part a well-paced and satisfying experience. Sections of combat against the demonized forces are interjected with sections of somewhat stilted platforming and later, some minor puzzle solving.
The visuals are simply breathtaking, most notably some of the shimmering surfaces and water effects look slick to the extent that they are comparable to, if not better than anything currently seen on the 360.
One aspect of the game which isn't as generous is the fact that making achievement progress is exceedingly challenging, and even with a second playthrough on the "Son of Sparda" difficulty setting I was still only to achieve about 350g, and the unlockable difficulty settings beyond that are absolutely unachievable by most players.
In terms of the combat however, it's in the same vein as God of War or Ninja Gaiden and as you progress and unlock a variety of weapons and combos, the freeflow, even if your not pulling off extreme combos and mass point accumulation, is still immensely satisfying. There are online Leaderboards but no local or online multiplayer or co-op, which, by the way probably wouldn't work too well with the camera's protagonist-centered and swiveling field of vision.
If you've been playing DMC titles since the playstation 2 era, give this new iteration a whirl, it'll definitely make you a believer in the current and future value of the DMC brand. It is a cosmic highway.

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