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A super fun installment of a super fun franchise

posted by spiffyish (SURPRISE, AZ) Apr 3, 2013

Member since Oct 2012

4 out of 4 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I played this game on the hardest difficulty, found it challenging, but not frustrating. It was just a lot of fun. Also, some of the best level design I've seen in a long time. Awesome awesome job, Capcom.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great game to play

posted by ObliviousLegend (MIAMI BEACH, FL) Jun 14, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

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DMC: Devil May Cry is a game you definitely want to add to your GameQ. I'm not comparing it to any previous DMC games, but on its own it's a fun action game.
Gameplay: The combat is easy to pick up and it's very fun to do combos. The enemies are somewhat easy in the beginning but later on tougher enemies come along to give you more of a challenge. If it's still too easy, finish the game once and you'll get a harder difficulty and can keep replaying to unlock harder difficulties.

Story: I, for one love games where the cut-scenes are amazing. DMC has great cut-scenes and has a good story to it. I don't say great because although in the beginning I was intrigued by the story, throughout the game the story wasn't developed as best as it could be I believe. There are funny moments in the game along with sick and mildly gruesome ones. I like Dante even though a lot of fans will argue they messed him up. I thought he was raw and the sort of character you want to play as.

In the end, as I stated before, great game and should give it a shot.

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GF Rating


The devil will die

posted by russianpremier (MURRIETA, CA) Apr 26, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

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DmC: Devil May Cry is by far the best hack-and-slash game i've played ever. It has a dark, gritty style, a good back-story, and overall it fulfills it's role as a prequel to the 1st DMC.

Story: Phenomenal, Very well told, and humorous as well in appropriate parts. I welcome the dante in DmC because he is not technically the "new" dante as some (angryjoe and other reviewers) portray him to be, he is who dante was before Devil May Cry. Also, contrary to popular belief, this is not emo themed, it's dark and it's evil (which I love).

Dante: Treats all demons like garbage so you can see traces of future dante in this dante, also he's a punk but he's a good punk, and yeah he swears but it's basically what everybody in modern society does anyways so it's not a problem.

Vergil: Personally I don't like vergil, just getting that out there, but I like his new voice actor and also how he's more "angel" themed and dante is "demon" themed, so their relationship as twins even carries over into their powers.

Kat: she's hot, that's all I gotta say really, but to be honest, I wish her character did more.

Gameplay: Very immersible, after playing for a while, you really get into it, for instance this game is my stress relief game, because after playing and releasing my rage on nearby demons, I feel drained, which is good for me cause that means it worked. Combos are very stylish, dante moves realistically with his weapon(s), and your style meter rises faster the more you switch up your combos. The only 2 things wrong with the game that earn this only a 9/10, the camera and the absence of a lock-on feature. The camera will sometimes frustrate you because it will go off during an evade or dodge in a random direction or random zoom-in/out making fighting a little more complicated, but it gets really bad during the final boss (no spoilers n00bs).

overall, I love this game, and I will be buying it from gamefly

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