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Above Average

i sent bak already

posted by bellacomalo758 (JAMAICA, NY) Dec 26, 2013

Member since Dec 2013

i sent in already

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Very Good

Excellent current-gen action game

posted by mongolicious (FAYETTEVILLE, AR) Oct 6, 2013

Member since Nov 2011

This is the first DMC game I've played. I'm not sure why I've skipped on the other so far but after finishing this one, I'm gonna give the others a try. This is simply a well-designed action game with an amazing combat system, amazing level design and memorable boss encounters. As crazy as the story gets, it even finds room for humor (e.g., the cut scene where Dante & Virgil playfully argue who is better). Even on default difficulty, it's very challenging and I died quite often on battle scenes due to not analyzing enemy movement or using the dodge button. There are moments of traversal that require you to use your whip and jump boost that have to be executed at the right time; I was quite clumsy in those moments but I got the hang of them. Overall, a fun and thrilling action game that I dedicated two afternoons (and evenings) to finishing.

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I gave it a 5....

posted by WadeWatts5 (WADESBORO, NC) Aug 1, 2013

Member since Aug 2012

Let's get this out of the way now: If you're the type of person who gets mad at a game for looking different (i.e. the hair color, the clothes, the weapons, etc) then you will not like this one at all (already had this discussion with friends).
That said, this game was very mediocre. I was torn with this game before I even played it. It is a DMC game, and I loved the original trilogy. However, it is a prequel. Those things suck. And this one didn't really help me change that opinion.
The visuals and sound are great. The gameplay is very familiar with the other installments. I didn't mind them changing Dante's look around at all, and the fact that the story was going to showcase his background with Virgil. I mean, I always like it when a story alludes to a history and then slowly unfolds it. This didn't seem to happen with any real aspect of the game.
The game felt very rushed and very restricted at the same time. The entirety of combat took place in Limbo, which wouldn't have been bad, but Limbo in here is just the real world painted red. That's not only boring, but really bland. The enemies are recycled throughout the game, which can get really boring really fast.
One problem I had a huge problem with was the weapon collection. In the previous games this was always something to look forward to. Here, you literally get 90% of the weapons in the same area fairly early in the game. It was really kind of ridiculous.
The story itself is not bad, but it is out there. Without giving spoilers, it sets up an unexpected background for the two brothers and Sparda. The ending itself if kind of predictable though.
The gameplay is fluid, not unlike the other games, and kind of fun at times. If you're a hardcore fan of the series, you should no doubt enjoy this. If you're looking for substance from it, though, you may be very disappointed.
I was.

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