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DMC= Perfect

posted by DaTruth (JACKSONVILLE, FL) Jan 29, 2013

Member since Feb 2008

The gameplay is easy fun and fast paced. The story is very creative. I can't wait for DMC 6 or 2 I guess you can say

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D.M.C devil may cry

posted by yogo (FAIRFIELD, CA) Jan 26, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

not the traditional devil may cry we all know in love. but its a devil may cry you'll love none the less. I personally found the combo system a little difficult.but once I got a hang of it it was a blast.the fights are a bit frustrating and the boss battles are almost to easy.all in all it was fun

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GF Rating

Above Average

Good but lots of flaws drag this game down a bit

posted by Brekkage (SANFORD, FL) Jan 24, 2013

Member since Jan 2012

The gameplay is good(if your into fast action arcade style/like the other DMC games) but several issues made this title somewhat dissapointing.
First off the story is better then previous entries but story hasn't exactly been this franchise's strong suit so thats not saying a whole lot.Regardless the combat is pretty much the appealing aspect to this game.The game breaks up the action with far to many platformer sections requiring you to navigate floaty and often crumbling environments with red or blue grapple swings or timed X button pushes to progress forward to the next battle section or door.I felt more like Bionic commando then Dante the demon slayer,but the grapple action can be used in combat as well as navigation so it doesnt feel compleatly out of place.
Unfortunately the game has a few buggs that popped up a few times throughout my playthroughs.At times the shoulder buttons to select angelic/demonic weapons/grapple would just cease to work.Needless to say this is gamebreaking and forces a checkpoint restart which can count as a death depending on when it happens(and this happened to me 3 different times in 1st playthrough).Dante can get stuck in the envirionment also forcing restarts,and boss animations can cause glitches freezing the character.These issues and lack of polish are frustrating and surprising to see in a big title.
Later enemies force you to use blue or red weapons to defeat them,limiting freedom a bit but adds to the challenge when fighting mixed groups of enemies.This somewhat makes some weapons seem less usefull and pointless to upgrade but the player has choice to improve what they want.The camera works well,only a few minor issues with walls and corners.Great boss battles, somewhat repetitive enemies but fun to fight,lots of extra modes and secrets,as well as varied dificulties add replay value.
All in all the game is definetly worth playing and can be enjoyable(when functioning) especially if your a fan of arcade style action games.

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