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Great game.

posted by MaxieAttack4L (CHATSWORTH, CA) Mar 7, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

The game has a very awesome story line and very good gameplay what more can you want? plus the new Dante is pretty awesome don't listen to the old DMC fan boys.

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True to its roots? Almost, but not quite...

posted by Existence (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Mar 4, 2013

Member since Jul 2011

The Devil May Cry series has always been acclaimed for being one of the better (if not best) action franchises around. DMC3 took it in a direction of more fast-paced gameplay, focusing on switching with numerous weapons to string together flashy combos. To this end, this newest installment, DmC, is very similar.

Although it has that same great fluid feel to the gameplay, a lack of a lock-on system really hinders a lot of the combat. Since the player is at the mercy of auto-target (which is already problematic if trying to pinpoint a certain annoying enemy), the camera can become problematic because it has a tendency to readjust; this can be disorienting and I found myself manually fixing the camera constantly.

A lot of fights seem to occur on platforms, and unfortunately there are no ledge barriers and the player can fall off. In combination with the camera/targeting, this can lead to accidental falls. It's not a big deal in terms of health, but it certainly disrupts the flow of combat.

The controls were a bit too overly ambitious; they introduced two "elemental" weapons which can only be used as corresponding shoulder buttons are pressed down (R2 or L2). This is no big deal, until they start putting in enemies that are immune to everything but one of these two elements. One is not bad, but multiples, of both immunities, can be a little awkward.

Overall in comparison to previous installments I actually thought this game was a bit easier. If you stick on normal there should not be much issue. It only becomes more of a hassle as you increase difficulty and try to SSS missions.

I thought the core story is average (but the nod to debt is commedable), but how it was presented could not be any more immature or tasteless.

Dante's script is full of lame one-liners and immature jokes, and the presentation is more reminiscent of a really bad 90s horror film. It truly felt like the story was thought up by a group of 15 year ol

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Very Good

Don't buy into the negativity!

posted by Ascalon (LEWISVILLE, TX) Mar 4, 2013

Member since Dec 2006

Now i'm not a DMC superfan by any means, i've played and beaten DMC 1, 2, 3, and 4 but i don't worship the games, so when i heard Ninja Theory was getting a shot at the series i was interested in seeing what they could do with it.

Now about a month or so after release, i finally got around to playing this and i have to say i'm pleasantly surprised. DmC is not just a okay game, its very good. The action may not be quite what you'd expected out of something like a DMC 3, but it's super solid and fun nonetheless. The story is EASILY the best and most interesting of the series, set in the modern world where all life is secretly connected to or controlled by demon activity. Dante is as cocky as you'd expect and the female character Kat is an interesting addition to the cast. Vergil is also in the game, heading a underground group named "The Order", a group set on destroying the demon Mundus and his grip over humanity in the process.

Whether you're a DMC fanboy or you just love action games in general, open your mind and give this a try. If you dislike the game on it's own, that's fine, but don't take it out on the developers who worked so hard to put out the best game they've made so far.

Ninja Theory has come a long way from Heavenly Sword and whether it's DmC 2 or something else entirely, i will most definitely be checking out whatever they make next.

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