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posted by 859985 (ORANGE, CA) Mar 8, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

I usually dont like games of this type because they feel very "button mashy" but I liked the fact that this game had you actually think of which attacks work with what enemies. You had to be precise in your button combinations to make long jumps and pull yourself in mid-air to the ledge. Good story as well. All around surprised by how much I enjoyed the game.

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Above Average


posted by welfarefalcon83 (MARYVILLE, TN) Mar 8, 2013

Member since Feb 2012

I refuse to buy any games anymore unless it's Madden or NBA2K series,because I can play them online over & over again & get a new experience each time.

Games like DMC:Devil May Cry are the biggest reason why games should cost about $25-$30 at the most. $60 for a game that has some major flaws & that just isn't that good.

The original Devil May Cry on PS2 is light years ahead of this game. The last few missions on this game were okay,and actually showed promise,but overall the game was just boring & I basically got through it just so I could say "Yeah,I beat that game."

It was like a chore getting through the campaign though.The storyline was not interesting,the obvious (SPOILER ALERT>>SPOILER ALERT>>)

fight between Dante & Virgil was a nuisance too...When you play a game & you know that at the end it will come down to this,what is the point of paying attention to the story? I've seen enough movies & played enough video games to know every cliche in the book.

Seriously,on another note,was this game originally planned as an early PS3 release? Because yeah graphically it was ok,but the game play was pretty bad. When you have to hook onto the rings to glide from one to the other,it sometimes wouldn't work.Bugs like that are annoying & kill the gaming experience for me.

I can't say that this game was bad,because it wasn't,but there is no need to make a game where you can learn like 50 different combos,but can beat it using just the basics...

And the dialogue..Wow..Who wrote this? An angry 12 year old that listens to Shinedown & thinks that they're hardcore?

They tried way too hard to make this game edgy & cool,and in reality it comes off as vomit inducing. This new Dante is nowhere nearly as interesting as the original . Also,why is this new one half demon & half angel? A big part of the original Dante's appeal was that he was half human...

I understand that they were looking to go in a different direction,but it didn't work.Rent it,beat it,re

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GF Rating


Great game.

posted by MaxieAttack4L (CHATSWORTH, CA) Mar 7, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

The game has a very awesome story line and very good gameplay what more can you want? plus the new Dante is pretty awesome don't listen to the old DMC fan boys.

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